Monthly Garden Maintenance Tips

Need some advice for your garden? We have a tip which you can start putting to use, right now!


Being one of the coldest months of the season; there is not much in the way of grounds maintenance to be done. Mainly, try to keep people off the grass areas if there is a frost to prevent damage and keep the area clear of fallen debris.

This is the perfect time to get the mower & other tools out and give them a service or speak to your nearest dealer to get them to carry out the service for you. If you are the one who services the machine yourself then be sure to check everything over now and find any possible problems while the machine / tools are not in use.

Make sure that the cutting blades are sharp and not pitted, belts are not worn or shiny / fraying, cables move freely with no fraying, add a little oil down its sheath as well, filters are clear or not due for change via hours of operation & lubricants are changed and topped up as required. It’s best that all this has been done in this first part of the season so check the operator manuals if you are unsure or drop the machine into your local dealership.

The more TLC given to the tools & machines now should equal less downtime later on in the busy season.