The NEW Pellenc Helion 3 is here

Pellenc, the world’s leading expert in battery-powered tools, has announced the launch of the new Helion 3 hedge trimmer.

Over recent years the Pellenc Helion hedge trimmer has been meeting and exceeding the needs of professionals in terms of power and trimming quality. Lightweight, quiet, and with odourless operation, it has allowed users to work comfortably when trimming hedges, ornamental trees or pruning.

This innovative trimmer has now just got better with the launch of the Helion 3.

Ultra-versatile with its three cutter blades which can be changed in under a minute, the new Helion 3 guarantees a perfect finish every time. Its exceptional cutting capacity allows operators to cut sections up to 3cm in diameter in complete safety. It can also be used all day no matter what the weather.

Here is a glimpse of some the key features of the new Helion 3:

Ultra-robust cutting blades

The Helion 3 boasts a blade guard, an aluminium stiffener, carbon steel blades and a stainless-steel anti-kickback guard.

Anti-locking blade system

The Helion 3 incorporates an exclusive device that reverses the direction of rotation if the cutting bar gets stuck in vegetation.

Speed select button

The four cutting speeds of the Helion 3 make it possible to adapt to the type of species to be trimmed or pruned.

Quick switch system for changing blades

The different sized hedge trimmer blades can be mounted and dismounted in under a minute.

New ergonomic design for safety

The new ergonomic design of the blade guard provides additional safety for the user against the risk of cuts.

Fast connector system

The Helion 3 allows quick connection and disconnection of the tool to the battery to get out of any risky situation fast.

Pellenc UK offers an industry leading four-year commercial warranty for all its batteries and a three-year warranty for all it tools.

Pellenc is distributed exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.