Game-changing Pellenc suits Hard Graft

Hard Graft Garden Services has labelled the Pellenc brand as a “game-changer” after using the battery-powered products for over a year now.

Hard Graft Garden Services is a family-run business based in Longniddry, East Lothian. It was established by Neil Stuart over 30 years ago and is now being run by the next generation of Team Stuart – sons Fraser, Sam and Lewis.

Lewis, who is responsible for sourcing all the equipment for the company, revealed the reasons behind wanting to utilise battery-powered technology.

“We decided to invest in the future,” he said. “There were many reasons for switching to battery-powered equipment such as reduced costs and less maintenance; it is more user-friendly and quieter too. Since Covid, many of our customers are working from home so we don’t want to disturb them while we are working in their gardens.”

Lewis admits that he didn’t get off to the best of starts with battery-powered technology. That was until he discovered Pellenc.

“The Pellenc equipment is far superior to other manufacturers we have used – it is commercial grade equipment which has been built to last. It is all fully waterproof, and we use it in all conditions; even in winter we don’t have any issues with the Pellenc battery. In the past we’ve had so many problems with other manufacturers when the temperature starts to drop.

“Reliability was key for us. Based on my past experience I was expecting lots of little niggly things to go wrong but they just haven’t with the Pellenc equipment. It has resulted in a lot less headaches and it means we can just focus on the work ahead.”

Over recent years, Pellenc has gained market recognition by offering a unique range of ‘zero emission’ battery-powered tools, thanks to the development of Lithium-ion ultra-high-performance batteries.

The extensive Pellenc product range features an impressive portfolio – from chainsaws, pole saws and hedge cutters to grass strimmers, brushcutters, blowers and mowers; many of which have been helping the team at Hard Graft, as Lewis explained.

“Our first purchases were the Excelion bruschcutter and the 1500 battery – and we were blown away. The power delivery was incredible, and we were impressed with how slender it was. We have the comfort harness for the battery, and it is like wearing a rucksack.

“Then we got the Airion blower, and I knew straight away that it was going to be a godsend for us. It gives you the same power as petrol units, but you don’t get that screaming noise that you get from the engines. It is particularly useful in autumn time when we are shifting a lot of dead leaves. The switch for jumping between power settings is beneficial and so is the cruise control.

“The features I like best about the Rasion mower are the twin blade system and the way the chute is designed. The wide chute makes all the difference, and the grass just fires straight into the bag. We also like the way it folds for storage. Plus, it is really light and only takes one person to lift it into our van, whereas our petrol mowers are a two-man lift.

“The handbrake on the mower is brilliant especially when we are working on slopes or if the bag is full and we need to stop to empty it. We also love how you can cipher through the blade speed all the way up to 5,000 rpm. Ideally, we want the blade speed as high as possible especially when we are cutting wet grass. You can’t do this with a lot of other battery-powered mowers on the market – typically you’ll get one blade speed, and it is nowhere near the speed of the Pellenc. The boost function on the throttle really comes in handy too.

“On all of the equipment there are so many little features which you don’t think you need but once you have them you can’t imagine life without them. We’ve had the Pellenc equipment for over a year and it has exceeded our expectations.”

Lewis was also quick to praise Agrovista Amenity who he believes has been integral to his overall Pelllenc experience.

“Dealer support is very important, and Allan Wright from Agrovista Amenity has been first-class from the start,” he said. “Allan told me he had some equipment which was going to blow my mind, and he wasn’t wrong.”

Pellenc is distributed exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.