Helion – The World Champion Featherweight Hedge Trimmer



For the maintenance of hedges, parks and gardens and ornamental trees, Pellenc offers a range of Helion hedge trimmers for professional use which are powerful, lightweight and silent. 


Whether you are using the Pole, Universal or Telescopic model, the range of Helion hedge trimmers will improve your working conditions. They are extremely light (between 3 kg and 4 kg) thanks to the use of a revolutionary 1,200W motor developed by Pellenc.

By using the 4-speed selector switch, you can adapt your tool to the type of cut required. For easy topping off, the flexible +90°/-45° head is fitted onpellenc_hedgecutters_side Pole and Telescopic models, whilst a +/-90° pivoting handle has been fitted on the Universal model for vertical cutting.

A perfect cutting quality with interchangeable cutting heads

On each of these tools, you can adjust your chosen disc hedge trimmer for a clean cut: 51cm, 63cm (also available with single rake baffle plate, model 63 D) and 75cm.

All of these cutting heads are universal, which means that they can be fitted on any Pellenc model and are easily interchangeable.

As with all other Pellenc products, the Helion range of hedge cutters benefit from the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation and a record operating range.