Joseph Rowntree Foundation put their trust in Etesia

Launched over 100 years ago, Joseph Rowntree established the trusts bearing his name. JRHT (Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust) owns the freehold of the vast majority of the properties in New Earswick, North Yorkshire. A major part of the trust’s gardening work is to keep the amenity grass surrounding the 2,500 properties in top order. Earlier this year, it took the decision purchase a second Etesia ride-on mower to cut and collect in an effort to further improve its grounds care service to residents.

In spring this year, the trust contacted a number of local dealers who all brought a variety of machinery to test on their own site and in their own environment.

After the vigorous testing process, the trust purchased a Hydro 124P from Golf and Turf Machinery, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The Hartrigg Oaks site, like all the other community villages gets its grass cut once every fortnight by gardener Andrew Scott.

Hatrigg Oaks is a retirement community for the over 60’s consisting of 150 houses and 80 flats which provide care for residents. The site, which is 20 acres, has amenity grass covering half of that.

Andrew says that the cut and collect with high tip facility was a fundamental ‘box ticked’ when it came to making the purchase. This means that all grass clippings are tipped into a recycling skip and taken off site.

The new Hydro124P is fitted with a 124-cm overlapping cutting deck and a 23-hp two-cylinder Vanguard engine. It has a high hourly mowing output of up to 15,000m² per hour, and an unequalled weight-to-power ratio. Above all, it represents excellent value for money, both for the initial purchase and for use over a longer period.

“We are absolutely delighted with its versatility and how it’s performing for us,” said Tom Hepburn, Team Leader. “We’ve been using Etesia since 2001 and the mower we purchased then is still in use now. After the demostration and coupled with the excellent service we’ve had from Etesia over the past ten years, it was an extremely easy decision.”

Etesia are renowned around the world for being able to cut and collect, even in wet conditions and it’s something that Andrew and his team has been impressed with. “It’s been excellent in the wet. If it wasn’t for the tyre marks it would leave, you could even use it to cut and collect in 2″ of water it’s that good! It’s certainly been tested in the wet summer we’ve had this year and we’ve all be impressed by the very tidy finish it leaves.”

Another important factor in the decision was on-going costs. This was another area that Etesia came out top. “They are highly robust and don’t let anybody down. Repairs are minimal, so our workshop costs are low,” said Tom.