Two new Pellenc dealers

Pellenc UK has welcomed Terra Firma and Greenlay to its ever-growing dealership network

David Dixons confirmed as Etesia dealer

David Dixons has been appointed as a new Etesia dealer and will be distributing Etesia’s complete product range throughout the North East of England.

Based in Hexham, Northumberland, David Dixons have been suppliers, service engineers and advisers to the arboriculture and horticulture industries in the North East of England for over 37 years.

The company will now be supplying the complete range of Etesia ride-on mowers, scarifiers, brushcutters, green technology and pedestrian mowers, and Julian Weightman – dealer principal at David Dixons is delighted with the announcement.

“We had a good chat about the products with Etesia, I could see the advantages that the products offer and it just went from there,” he said. “I am confident that the products are going to be popular with our land owner clients and our professional users who are wanting machines that perform day-in day-out consistently.”

Specialists in manufacturing high quality grass cutting machinery for both the professional and domestic market, Etesia’s extensive range of products have been in consistent high demand for a number of years. It is for this reason that the company’s vast dealer network continues to grow. From the UK to Ireland, Etesia dealers are providing their customers with innovative solutions for their green space requirements.

With immediate effect the range of Etesia products will be available from David Dixons in the areas of Northumberland, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, and Middlesbrough and up to the Scottish borders.

“From our point of view as a dealership, we are interested in selling quality equipment,” said Julian. “We are interested in working with customers that we are going to be working with for 20-30 years and Etesia’s equipment is perfectly built to last and that fits very much in line with how we operate our business. We want to sell quality that will last customers a long time and do the job well and that is where Etesia comes in.

“On the face of it Etesia may appear expensive but when you look at the life you will get out of the machines – then I know that our customers will get excellent value for money.”

New website for Pellenc UK

Pellenc UK has launched a brand new interactive website which showcases its vast range of market leading battery powered equipment.

The new look website is available to view on all desktops, laptops and mobile devices and will be the online reference point for all things Pellenc.

Pellenc was the world’s first manufacturer to introduce lithium-ion technology in portable power tools and has developed the most comprehensive range on the market leading the way in terms of performance, lightness and durability. The extensive range of Pellenc products from chainsaws, pole saws and hedge cutters to grass strimmers, brushcutters and mowers are available to view in the product section on the website providing a more detailed view of each product.

Users of the site can also check up on news, price lists, developments and events from Pellenc, as well as being able to find their nearest dealer.

Furthermore, current Pellenc users will have a wealth of resources at their fingertips with easy access to brochures,

To view the new dedicated Pellenc website, please visit

idverde chooses Pellenc to counter thrown debris

idverde, Europe’s largest provider of grounds maintenance services and landscape construction projects, has purchased 20 Pellenc ULiB 1500 batteries and 20 Pellenc Excelion 2000 brushcutters all fitted with City Cut heads.

The new range of Pellenc equipment has been purchased by the company’s department in the London Borough of Bromley and Angus Lindsay, group head of assets and fleet management, says that the purchase reflects the company’s stance on becoming more environmentally friendly.

“We have purchased more electric equipment this year than we have done in all the previous years,” he said. “It is a mixture of being driven by contracts, clients and because ultimately it is the right thing to do. As a company, we have approximately 10,000 pieces of machinery out there and around half of them are all two-stroke or small four-stroke. That is a lot of emissions and we therefore need to start doing something about it.”

Since 2015 idverde has been responsible for the management of the parks, green space and countryside in the London Borough of Bromley and Angus, who has sole responsibility for the vehicles and machinery operated by idverde – from specifying, purchasing and whole life management through to disposal, explained his thinking behind choosing the Pellenc Excelion 2000 brushcutters fitted with City Cut heads.

“In the London Borough of Bromley we suffer a lot with thrown debris from traditional line cutters. It could be grass splatter on head stones or it could be stones flicked towards cars and houses – it is a big issue. So, when you weigh up the cost of damaged paintwork, broken windows and the emotional cost of having a loved one’s headstone splattered with grass, it made sense to look at an alternative.”

Designed for routine maintenance or intensive strimming, the Excelion 2000 is robust, powerful and lightweight. It perfectly eliminates tall, dense grass, woody weeds, brambles and shrubs and can be fitted with a range of five interchangeable heads, depending on the task required.

The idverde team in Bromley will be using the City Cut head which is particularly suited to the maintenance of urban spaces. The City Cut’s counter-rotation technology, which is exclusive to Pellenc, avoids plant, gravel, stones and debris from projecting and causing damage to surrounding areas.

“The City Cut head on the Excelion 2000 provides us with a solution to thrown debris along with the benefits of electric power in terms of noise and pollution,” said Angus. “The other sites where we will be using them are next to schools. We are not allowed to operate in school hours because of disruption to the classes but electric equipment is a lot quieter so you can extend your working hours. This also applies to hospitals and care homes because you are a lot less disruptive with battery powered equipment.”

The idverde team purchased the Pellenc ULiB 1500 batteries, which have the highest capacity on the market, to power their Excelion 2000 brushcutters. The battery is supported by an ergonomic and lightweight Pellenc harness which offers an ideal level of comfort when in use. Its weight is perfectly distributed over the key back support areas, so 70% of the weight rests on the hips, with only 30% on the shoulders. The entire carrying system, from the straps to the thoracic spine area, can be adjusted for any shape and working styles and the battery is watertight to IP54 for use in the rain.

“Battery powered products, in general, are getting so much better,” said Angus. “They have moved away from getting just 10 minutes out of them before having to go and charge them to getting a full day’s work. They are now professionally built and are certainly up to the task.

“Pellenc make a very good product and as a company we’ve taken more battery powered equipment on-board to address environmental issues. This equipment increases the working time and is better for the operators – they don’t have to wear the same amount of PPE (personal protective equipment) in terms of face protection and ear protection because it doesn’t have the same emissions and they don’t make the same noise as their petrol counterparts.

“Electric has to be the way forward,” he continued. “It is the environment, it is the workers – it is everybody that will benefit from it, so I think it is the correct thing to do morally as far as our industry goes. The government is pushing us to use electric cars and utilise the electric transportation system but they seem to forget that there are strimmers, hedge cutters, ride-on mowers and chippers that are omitting fumes everyday so therefore we must do every little bit we can do to help.”

Pellenc products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Etesia UK.

Don’t be fooled by high voltage claims

It takes two to tango when it comes to battery powered equipment

It is a common misconception that the higher the voltage – the better the machine; but it couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to performance. Les Malin, Managing Director of Etesia UK, who distribute Pellenc battery-powered equipment explains why.

Groundscare professionals could be forgiven for opting to choose a new battery powered machine based on the high voltage it offers – after all, most marketing strategies tend to shout the loudest when it comes to voltage. However, what often goes under the radar is that the voltage of a battery purely indicates how much potential is in a battery, but that potential is not a measure of energy.

Voltage will only tell you how fast that power tool will want to operate, it doesn’t tell you how strongly it will operate and it will not tell you how long it will operate for. You can think of volts as horsepower for cordless tools. The higher the volt, the more power it can use for higher drain applications.

However, you can have all the voltage you want in a machine but with low amperage the machine would not be much use at all. Think of a small hose pipe struggling to squeeze a large amount of water through it. You would have low volume and high pressure.

Alternatively, the same could be said for a machine that has high amperage and low voltage. It would be the same as having an extremely large water pipe which only manages to trickle a few drops of water through it.

The bottom line is that it takes two to tango. For a cordless tool, you really need volts and amps to work together for higher demand applications. You will need them to both flow at a similar rate and that is exactly what you get with Pellenc technology.

Pellenc significantly leads the way when it comes to the volts/amps balancing act and boasts 43,6 volts and 35,2 amps. This combination of more power and more runtime makes Pellenc equipment the market leader.

As a result, operators using Pellenc equipment have leverage over their competitors. They will have the latest generation and top performing technology meaning that their tools will run with more power for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, they can start earlier, work later, and work closer to schools and hospitals due to the reduced noise. Contractors using Pellenc battery-powered equipment can also promote the fact that they are using market leading technology and are cutting down on noise pollution and emissions, and, as a result, position their businesses as environmentally friendly, and, in turn, charge more for their services.

Pellenc products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Etesia UK.

Etesia Launch VAT-Free Deal

Incredible deals for a range of Etesia ride-on mowers, Etesia UK has announced a VAT-free offer on…

Etesia Hydro 80 – an all-round performer

John Maxwell, managing director at Inverallan Landscapes, has reported a number of benefits from using the Etesia Hydro 80 MKHP ride-on mower.

Established in 1998, Inverallan Landscapes is a family run business based in Stirling. Over the past 21 years the company has specialised in grounds maintenance contracting and has a large client base which includes sites such as business parks, office developments, tourist attractions, churches, nursing homes, hotels, car dealerships and residential developments.

Furthermore, its sister company Inverallan Garden Services, solely focusses on domestic gardens within a 30 mile radius.

The company also boasts ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management and ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Systems certifications.

Inverallan Landscapes has seen incredible growth over recent years and now has an impressive fleet of machinery which offers a solution for every grounds maintenance requirement.

John is quite particular when it comes to selecting machinery, insisting on using only equipment of the highest standard. Therefore, when he needed a new ride-on mower he was careful to ensure that it ticked all of the necessary boxes.

“I wanted a ride-on mower that was compact, light and offered excellent performance,” he said.

“We have limited space in our work vans so the machine needed to fit into the back of them, which proved to be a difficult search. We also had to consider that there are some considerably tight and awkward green spaces which we need to attend to.”

Measuring less than 1 metre wide, the Etesia Hydro 80 is easily transported in any vehicle whether it be a van or a trailer. Its compact size means that this impressive machine can pass through most gateways and its tight turning circle makes it ideal for small or awkward areas. It mows close to walls and fences and is highly manoeuvrable. Also, with its large-sized front wheels, the Etesia Hydro 80 easily overcomes all obstacles such as pavement kerbs.

It has been designed to cut and collect both long and short grass, without clogging. Add to that its compact dimensions, ease of use, hydrostatic drive and powerful 15hp twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine, and you have a highly efficient machine offering the kind of output that would easily replace three walk-behind mowers.
The Hydro 80 has been robustly built and requires minimal maintenance. Operators have access to the engine and all working parts and the hydrostatic transmission system is maintenance free. The specially coated 60 mm tubular chassis is also designed for strength and long-life.

“We have had the Etesia Hydro 80 for three seasons now and it is used mostly every day between four different vans. It is nice and light as opposed to some of our other larger equipment too. Up here the ground can be very wet and soft at times so the Hydro 80 is the ideal machine to get on and get these areas cut. We have the flexibility to mulch or pick-up the grass which is beneficial too.

“It is also brilliant when attending to large grass areas because as opposed to having two or three operators using push mowers, we can just have one person covering the whole area with the Hydro 80.

“Overall the Etesia Hydro 80 has been a great machine for us.”

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

Sharrocks announced as Pellenc dealer

Etesia, the exclusive distributor of Pellenc battery-powered equipment in the UK, has announced Sharrocks as a new Pellenc dealer.

Current Etesia dealer Sharrocks, a family owned business who specialise in the supply of machinery for agriculture, grass care and other land management requirements, will now be distributing Pellenc battery powered equipment to the areas of Birmingham, Shropshire, Staffordshire, South Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Pellenc was the world’s first manufacturer to introduce lithium-ion technology in portable power tools. This innovative technology, which combines an electric motor and a revolutionary battery, has quickly become a viable solution for those seeking the benefits of green technology without comprising on power.

Light, odourless, noise-free, with no starting problems and enough power to enable professional users to work for a full day on a single charge, it’s no wonder more and more professional users are turning to Pellenc. It is an attractive alternative to those who have, for a number of years, been relying on fuel based machinery – and machinery dealerships, such as Sharrocks, have started to see a rising demand for battery powered equipment.

Pellenc has developed the most comprehensive range on the market leading the way in terms of performance, lightness and durability. The extensive product range features an impressive portfolio – from chainsaws, pole saws and hedge cutters to grass strimmers, brushcutters and mowers.

Not only will users be able to comfortably achieve a full day’s work without having to re-charge the battery but they will see a huge amount of savings by eliminating the necessity of purchasing fuel. Furthermore, users will be contributing to protecting the environment by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and noise pollution.

Sharrocks managing director James Sharrock is delighted with the new dealer agreement and believes that Pellenc equipment could well be the future.

“We are taking Pellenc on-board for the first ever time and I’m really excited about it,” he said. “We have been trialling the Pellenc products and have evaluated them over three months and for us it is the future of electric powered commercial equipment. They are astounding products and they complement the Etesia products so well.”

The complete range of Pellenc equipment is now available for both hire and purchase from Sharrocks, who will also take on responsibility for all parts, servicing and warranty for current users.

Etesia Attila 98X exceeds expectation at Glanusk

Harry Legge-Bourke, custodian, managing partner and trustee of the Glanusk Estate, believes that the Etesia Attila 98X ride-on brushcutter has exceeded all expectation at the truly prestigious venue.

Situated in the beautiful countryside of the Usk Valley, Crickhowell, South Wales, Glanusk, which has been in the ownership of the same family since 1826, boasts 400 acres of private parkland, 800 acres of forestry, 3,500 acres of lowland and hill farms, the Park and forestry, 16,000 acres of Common Land hills and 5 miles of the River Usk. It also contains an array of historic buildings, including the iconic Tower Bridge, the ancient Celtic standing stones, the private chapel, farm buildings and stables, all of which are either Grade II listed or Grade II starred.

Today, Glanusk features a multi-diversified business portfolio that includes weddings, farming, festivals, fishing, corporate events, unique holiday cottages and residential lettings. Within the Estate’s grounds there is also the third largest selection of Oak trees in the United Kingdom. This wondrous display of Oak is set to be unveiled to the public and it is for this reason that the Estate was in need of some new groundcare equipment.

“I was looking for a machine for a very specific requirement, owing to the fact we are opening up the Oak Collection,” said Harry. “I needed a machine which could prepare the ground for visitors.

“By chance, after looking on the internet, I came across Etesia. I then looked at the videos, found out a bit more about the product and contacted the company. It was an absolute priority of mine to see the machine in action and so within days Etesia, along with our local dealer Forest Park and Garden, came to the Estate to carry out a demonstration.
“On the day of the demonstration we were faced with horrendous weather conditions but the 98X absolutely proved its worth.”

Etesia’s Attila 98X ride-on brushcutter is reliable, efficient, comfortable and safe. The output, combined with 4-wheel-drive and performance makes it ideal for some of the toughest jobs. The 98X has a 98cm cutting width for more efficient working while eight cutting heights are available between 50mm to 120mm, with one transport position, which is easily adjusted with a centralised lever.

It can be used on slopes up to 30% and its strengthened structure welded tubular chassis offers its operators a better driving position. Furthermore, the electric start offers a high comfort level, rack and pinion steering, plus hydrostatic drive. Special attention has also been paid to sound and vibration levels to reduce them to a very low level – making it ideal for public areas.

“I have been using the Attila 98X throughout the Oak Collection, new plantation sites in the park and along the river bank – all day every day,” said Harry.

“I’m sceptical and I really didn’t think the machine would be able to do what it did. The demo was great but it is different when you sit on the machine yourself, and I have managed to do exactly what I wanted to do. The machine just cruised up and down and it destroyed everything that it needed to. The work would have normally been done by hand on that bank and taken two weeks, but that work with the 98X was completed in an hour.

“It has exceeded all expectation and you wouldn’t recognise the areas where we’ve used it. It is an outstanding bit of equipment.

“The Oaks area I could open tomorrow, with access right up the trees and pathways all clear – no hairy moments on that bank in the brambles either! I now consider myself an expert with the 98X and really know how to use it to its maximum capability.

“I would say that the stability and the cut are the best features of the machine.”

Camsaw announced as Pellenc distributor in Ireland

Etesia UK has announced a new partnership with Camsaw Ltd, which will see the County Laois based business exclusively distribute Pellenc battery powered equipment throughout the Republic of Ireland.

Established in 1987 by Philip Carney, Camsaw Ltd is one of Ireland’s leading providers and distributors of garden machinery and equipment and is the official Irish agent of Olec-mac and Weibang garden and forestry machines. Camsaw also manufacture its own Legacy brand of steel deck push lawnmowers.

After 31 successful years in business, the family owned company is renowned for providing customers with quality products and exceptional service. Phillip’s son, Paul Carney, took over the business in 2005 and explained that this new partnership outlines the future vision of the company.

“We are delighted to partner with a company like Pellenc. They have shown that their pathway to growth is through new product developments and innovations. It is an exciting opportunity for Camsaw to partner with a company so far ahead of its competitors in the market.”

“The market is more open to battery powered products than ever before and at Camsaw we wanted to take our first step into this sector by providing the highest quality product in the marketplace. In our opinion – that is Pellenc.”

In recent years, Pellenc has gained market recognition by offering a unique range of ‘zero emission’ battery-powered tools, thanks to the development of Lithium-ion ultra-high performance batteries. This technology, which is exclusive to Pellenc, allows for a drastic reduction in the production of greenhouse gases and noise pollution. It is also comfortable for users, meets new sustainable development demands and offers excellent economic profitability.

The extensive product range features an impressive portfolio – from chainsaws, pole saws and hedge cutters to grass strimmers, brushcutters and mowers and is unrivalled in terms of performance, lightness and durability. Not only will users be able to comfortably achieve a full day’s work without having to re-charge the battery but they will see a huge amount of savings by eliminating the necessity of purchasing fuel.

“We feel that Pellenc is the premium product in the marketplace – and we believe that it will be a huge benefit to end users from a safety and performance point of view,” Paul continued.

“We would like to establish ourselves with dealerships in Ireland and really become the go-to company for professional battery powered products, particularly with the likes of local councils, contractors and professional landscaping and maintenance companies.”

Stephen Muir, Etesia UK’s business development manager, commented: “We are delighted with this new partnership. Camsaw is an established business with a large dealer network within the country and is a well-known and respected business. We want to be associated with a company that can successfully promote and enhance the sales of Pellenc equipment in Ireland and we very much believe we have that in Camsaw.”

To speak to Camsaw about Pellenc equipment, please contact Paul on

+353 (0) 57 8623809 or visit

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit