Mowing Made Easy: The Etesia Hydro 80 at Repton School

Maintaining the expansive grounds of Repton School requires precision, efficiency, and innovation. For Andrew Butler, Head of Grounds and Gardens, and his team, the introduction of the Etesia Hydro 80 ride-on mower has not only streamlined operations but also revolutionised the way they manage the school’s green spaces.

Repton School, nestled in the serene surroundings of Derbyshire, boasts extensive grounds that demand meticulous care. From ornamental gardens to sprawling lawns surrounding boarding houses, every corner of the campus requires attention. However, with limited time and resources, the grounds and gardens team found themselves struggling to keep up with the demands of manual mowing using pedestrian mowers.

Andrew explains, “There is a lot of mowing carried out around the boarding house where the team were previously using pedestrian mowers. I felt it was just taking too long, and then other jobs were getting neglected because of it. It just felt like the gardening team were out mowing all the time, and less time was being spent on the actual gardening.”

Introducing the Etesia Hydro 80, a compact yet powerful ride-on mower designed to tackle both long and short grass with ease. Featuring a hydrostatic drive and a robust 15hp twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine, the Hydro 80 offers unparalleled efficiency and output. Its specially contoured deck ensures clippings are collected without clogging, even in wet conditions, while anti-scalp rollers maintain a pristine finish on uneven terrain.

Andrew recounts the transformation brought about by the Hydro 80, stating, “Now instead of spending all week mowing, it literally takes just a couple of days. This means that we can concentrate on the gardens instead such as getting more colour into various areas. The time management is significantly better.”

One of the Hydro 80’s most impressive features is its ability to navigate tight spaces with ease. Andrew notes, “The reason we were using pedestrian mowers is because there was always the problem of getting a ride-on mower in and out of gates, so we thought about taking various gates out to make the job easier, but then we came across the Etesia Hydro 80. It allows us to get into areas where previously we had to use pedestrian mowers. These areas, which previously would have taken an hour or two, are now taking just 15-20 minutes.

“Its ability to cut and collect in the rain is amazing,” continues Andrew. “Even in the heavy rain the Hydro 80 is going out and cutting, so again it improves our efficiency.”

Beyond its efficiency, the Hydro 80’s durability and manoeuvrability have earned high praise from Andrew and his team. “I like the durability of it, how quick it is, how easy it is to manoeuvre it, and how it can get through longer grass with no problem at all,” Andrew remarks.

As Repton School continues to uphold its reputation for excellence, the Etesia Hydro 80 stands as a testament to the power of innovation in grounds management, ensuring that the campus remains a source of pride and inspiration for all who visit.

Etesia UK Announces Exclusive 0% VAT Offer

Etesia UK has announced an exclusive 0% VAT offer*. Available on selected ride-on mowers, this offer provides customers with the chance to drive away today with top-of-the-line equipment at an unbeatable value.

Etesia UK’s range of ride-on mowers are designed to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, and ease of use. From the compact yet powerful Hydro 80 to the versatile and agile Bahia, the ride-on mowers are engineered to meet the diverse needs of lawn care professionals.

Highlights of the featured models include:

Bahia: Versatile, agile, and adaptable, the Bahia is designed to tackle any terrain with ease, offering exceptional stability and efficient grass collection.

Hydro 80: A compact powerhouse that effortlessly cuts and collects both long and short grass, offering the efficiency of three walk-behind mowers in one.

MK124: The perfect solution for large areas, with a wide cutting width and hydraulically operated grass box for effortless maintenance.

Customers can choose from 80cm, 100cm and the MK124 models and are available in petrol with diff-lock options.

All of the mowers are equipped to handle even the toughest mowing conditions, ensuring optimal performance come rain or shine.

With a reputation for durability and longevity, Etesia UK’s ride-on mowers are built to withstand the rigours of commercial use.

Act now to take advantage of this limited-time offer. To claim your 0% VAT offer*, simply place your order before July 31, 2024, by contacting Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or email

All machines will be supplied by your local Etesia UK dealer who will carry out the PD, installation and aftersales of your ride on mower.

* Reduction equivalent to 20% VAT applied to original base price on selected models (exclusions apply). VAT applies to reduced price. Prices and specifications are accurate at time of print. Offers may be varied or withdrawn at any time and are not available in conjunction with any other offer. Retail sales only. Available through participating dealers only. Subject to availability on orders placed before 31st July 2024.

Pellenc products certified LONGTIME®

Committed for many years to the durability of its products, Pellenc is pleased to announce that they have obtained LONGTIME® certification for 4 of its professional tools.

The certification includes the Helion 3 electric hedge trimmer, the Airion 3 electric blower and ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries. It is the first manufacturer of professional tools, motors and batteries to benefit from this label.

Sustainability, a Pellenc requirement

One of the most effective strategies to reduce the environmental impact of a product is to extend its lifespan. Pellenc has been mobilising its R&D teams for many years in order to offer equipment that is ever more durable, robust and repairable over time.

The Helion 3, the Airion 3, and the ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries have been awarded the European LONGTIME® label after a strict and impartial control carried out by APAVE Certification.

This demanding process made it possible to assess the compliance of these products with the 41 criteria of the label, which focus on robustness, repairability and the monitoring and maintenance of the tools.

  1. The Helion 3 hedge trimmer has a reliable brushless electric motor, a robust cutterbar, and the materials of which it is composed, insensitive to corrosion, have been selected for their compatibility with intensive use and for their resistance to impacts.
  2. The Airion 3 blower features replaceable and repairable magnesium parts.
  3. The ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries are composed of very high-capacity lithium-ion cells and offer a lifespan of more than 1,300 charge cycles.

The design of Pellenc products is based on a long service life and ease of repair under professional operating conditions. The end of life is delayed, and the environmental impact is significantly reduced. By voluntarily committing to this sustainability approach, Pellenc goes beyond the regulation of the repairability index and is fully committed to the fight against planned obsolescence and respect for the environment.

LONGTIME,® a tool against planned obsolescence

Created by Ethikis ad civis, LONGTIME® is the first European and independent label that identifies and promotes products that are designed to last. Because extending the lifespan is one of the most effective strategies for reducing the environmental impact of a product, Pellenc mobilises its research and development teams to offer consumers ever more sustainable products.

To claim this label, Pellenc has met all the criteria, thus validating the company’s integrated strategy, focused on quality and sustainability.

Elsa, co-founder of Ethikis, said: “We are proud that manufacturers are using the label to objectively inform consumers about the sustainability of the products they sell to consumers. Committing to the LONGTIME® approach means demonstrating transparency and we are delighted that Pellenc has joined this approach.”

Pellenc is distributed exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

ET Lander is the extra staff member at the Olympic Park

The Etesia ET Lander electric utility vehicle is like having an extra member of staff according to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s Head Gardener Gary Spreadbury.

Following a competitive procurement process, idverde was selected as a grounds maintenance partner for the Queen Elizabeth Park in in early 2012. Ever since then it has been responsible for park, plant and wildlife management and maintenance.

Gary Spreadbury has been the Head Gardener at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park since May this year, and he claims his working life has been made a little easier by the Etesia ET Lander.

“What I really like about the ET Lander is that it fits and can manoeuvre in tight spaces around the Olympic Park,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of small paths which big vehicles can’t fit down, so it’s very efficient and time saving. It’s used mainly for the transporting of materials around the site, especially during the winter and autumn months when it comes to the leaf clearing and for the mulching of the gardens.”

100% electric, spacious, well-equipped and user-friendly, the ET Lander is built on a robust chassis and has an array of options including a three-way tipper bed with dual control from the fully fitted two-seater cab or by remote control when outside the vehicle. With a length of just 3.72 meters, the ET Lander is very compact. Thanks to the power steering, the short turning radius of 4.40 meters and 360 ° visibility, it goes anywhere. The autonomy of the vehicle lasts for a full working day – without noise pollution, can transport loads of up to 940kgs and can also tow up to 750kgs.

The latest models are fully N1 homologation compliant meaning that the ET Landers are fully road legal along with being able to be used off road. They also feature lithium-ion batteries which ensures that the range of the ET Lander extends to 100km and have a charger system compatible with a standard type 2EV car charger.

“I’ve used battery powered vehicles before but in my opinion the ET Lander is the best by far,” continued Gary. “It runs a lot smoother and feels like you’re driving a car; it is so light that you could take it onto the pitch without causing damage and it just makes working life a lot easier. The ET Lander is like having an extra member of staff – it’s definitely earning its living and is well worth the money.”

Gary isn’t the only one at the Olympic Park who has been impressed with the ET Lander. Chris James, Contract Manager for idverde, is also upbeat about the innovative electric utility vehicle.

“Aside from its ability to manoeuvre, the ET Lander has lots of other great features such as reversing cameras and the option of adding things to it like PTO’s, salt spreaders and water tanks. I like the fact that it’s got some storage units within the vehicle underneath the body too.

“The all-round visibility from the cab is another key feature that we like about the ET Lander. We have around 6 million visitors through the park each year so it’s essential to be mindful of the public.

“The ET Lander is an absolute must-have vehicle for any grounds maintenance contractor, but I believe that there are a lot of other industries out there that could make use of this vehicle as well.”

idverde purchased the Etesia ET Lander through RT Machinery, and Chris feels as though they are in good hands.

“The communication that I have had with the team at RT Machinery has always been positive and they are quick to respond to emails and questions. Some of our other contracts use RT machinery and they always speak highly of them. The availability and the quality of the products that they’re selling is 100%.”

Pellenc makes light work for Bedford Estates

Jo Desborough, Head Gardener for The Bedford Estates, believes that a range of Pellenc battery-powered equipment is proving to be powerful, reliable, and extremely comfortable to work with.

The Bedford Estates is the largest private landowner in the Bloomsbury area of London and manages a varied portfolio of properties. These range from office and educational premises, hotels, restaurants, and retail premises to residential properties, lock up garages and formal garden squares.

Jo, who oversees The Bedford Estates landscaping team, provided some reasons behind choosing to go down the battery-powered route.

“We’ve chosen battery-powered products for nearly all our major maintenance equipment because it’s more sustainable. It’s easier for us to use batteries and recharge than it is to go and get petrol and all the associated issues with keeping fuel storage. They don’t smell, there are no fumes, which is another important issue in the city, and then there is the noise aspect because we have a lot of residents that we don’t want to disturb with loud machinery.

For all these reasons, we chose Pellenc.”

Over recent years, Pellenc has gained market recognition by offering a unique range of ‘zero emission’ battery-powered tools, thanks to the development of Lithium-ion ultra-high-performance batteries.

The extensive Pellenc product range features an impressive portfolio – from chainsaws, pole saws and hedge cutters to grass strimmers, brushcutters, blowers and mowers; many of which have been helping the team at The Bedford Estates, as Jo explained.

“We’ve tried other brands before Pellenc, but we have found that Pellenc’s interchangeable batteries makes it easy for us to switch between different products. It’s more efficient for us to use an entire brand across the series.

“The batteries last an incredibly long time, all day in fact, and we don’t have to continually charge them. There certainly aren’t any issues in power; the lawnmowers handle whatever we throw at them, the leaf-blowers are equal to petrol ones, and I like the fact that you’ve got different levels so you can choose to be gentle or very powerful. The strimmers cut through all the things you might want them to and the same goes for the hedge cutters. Having the battery on your back, as opposed to a fuel tank attached to the equipment is a huge advantage. It’s made lighter work for us, that’s for sure.”
Jo also added that the support she has received from her Etesia dealer, RT Machinery, has been invaluable.

“They have always supplied us with our machinery and have helped us to make the right decisions for various bits of equipment that we use. They offer a very good after sales service and are always answering any queries that we have. They have been invaluable in us maintaining our machinery.”

You can view a video of Pellenc at The Bedford Estates by visiting

Pellenc is distributed exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

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