SRUC Oatridge Students Introduced to Pellenc

Landscaping, horticulture and agricultural engineering students at the unique SRUC Oatridge campus in West Lothian near Edinburgh recently participated in an event which gave them the opportunity to learn more about Pellenc’s innovative battery technology and gain some hands on experience with a wide range of equipment.

SRUC College is a bespoke land based industries institution based throughout Scotland which offers a number of courses at all levels from college and university level study, through to postgraduate, consultancy and research opportunities. Many of the courses at the Oatridge campus relate to the ways in which we make use of the land and natural resources around us – from agriculture and horticulture to veterinary nursing and equestrianism, and a huge variety of exciting and relevant land based topics in between.

The College has a philosophy of continuously exploring the innovative science that supports these land-based industries, and the way they interact with and support the environment around them. It is for this reason that Thomas Meenagh, a horticulture lecturer at Oatridge, decided that it would be a good idea for the students to become familiar with the increasingly popular battery powered machinery.

“I think that in every walk of society it is becoming common knowledge that we should be more environmentally friendly and be producing less CO2 and greenhouse gasses. An awful lot of hand held powered equipment used in land based industries comes with two-stroke engines which burn off fuel and oil, and so it is good to see the likes of landscaping and horticulture industries moving towards battery powered machinery.

“As a teaching institution we should be ahead of the game; we should be at the forefront of this kind of development – so that is why I wanted to organise some kind of event which could introduce the students to this equipment.”

Having being in the market to buy some battery powered equipment, Thomas’ research led him to Pellenc, which is exclusively distributed in the UK by Etesia. He arranged for four sessions to take place over two days in which Etesia representatives firstly delivered a theory based session which offered a greater insight into the Pellenc technology, followed by a practical demonstration. The students were then invited to trial the equipment for themselves.

“The students were delighted because they got to use the equipment to cut hedges, cut grass, use brush cutters and much more. The feedback was excellent and they were very impressed with the equipment. They commented on it being really light – a lot lighter than equipment they had been exposed to in the past. They also remarked on the equipment having very low vibration, being very quiet and extremely efficient.”
Light, odourless, relatively noise-free, with no starting problems and no refilling the fuel tank – it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to the innovative technology of Pellenc. In the last five years, Pellenc has gained market recognition by offering a unique range of ‘zero emission’ battery-powered handheld tools, thanks to the development of Lithium-ion ultra-high performance batteries. This technology, which is exclusive to Pellenc, guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation with quick start-up and long lasting battery life.

In reflecting on a successful event, Thomas believes that it was essential that the students got a first glimpse of the products that they could very well be using on a regular basis in the future.

“I would anticipate that in five years from now this kind of equipment will be the norm throughout the industry. By the time the students graduate and get jobs no doubt the two stroke fuel equipment will become less and less common and the battery powered equipment will be more dominant in the workplace.”

“This event has given them experience of using this type of equipment, of being able to understand how it works, how to hold it and use it properly. Hopefully they will have learned something and benefitted from this demonstration. Even in the job interview process there is every chance that they will be asked about their experience with this type of equipment so no doubt this event has been a great first step and I’d certainly look at hosting more of this type of event in the future.”

Etesia Launch pedestrian weed brush

Etesia has launched the MBR50 – a pedestrian mechanical weed, which offers an environmentally friendly method of weed, moss and algae removal from footpaths, pavements and other hard surfaces.

The MBR50’s special brushes not only remove the offending weeds and moss, but also remove the cause; organic detritus that harbours the moisture that allows the growth. Moisture that can lead to spalling on hard but poorly maintained surfaces.

Chemical use is highly controversial and topical and any way of reducing it is welcome. Ideal for use on block paving and tarmac, the Etesia MBR50 brushes supplied can be adjusted to tackle the most stubborn infestation.

Folding side guard that makes it easier to work on pavement edges and passages close to walls.
Metal brush that can be quickly changed with no tools.
Braided wires that can be individually replaced with no tools
Honda engine with an exceptionally long life, which starts easily and makes less noise.

Folding, ergonomically shaped handle with six adjustable height positions
Height adjustable front wheel (optional)

Steel guard casing
Wheel on steel rims with lock or differential allowing quick changes with no tools
Compact and lightweight.

Etesia Launch new battery domestic mower

Etesia has announced the arrival of the PABCTS Duocut 46 N-ERGY – a three-in-one battery mulching mower aimed at the domestic market.

The new battery-operated Etesia PABCTS Duocut N-ERGY walk behind mower gives gardeners a means for efficient, clean and cost-effective mowing.

Ecological: No pollutant emissions
Cost-effective: You save a third of the energy consumption costs compared to petrol, with low maintenance (no spark plug, filter or engine oil)
Three-in-one multifunctional mower: mowing with collection, mulching and grass cutting, no tool required for changes (removable insert available as standard)
Cutting deck: A cross between 100 % collection and 100 % mulching decks offering very high collection performance and excellent mulching results

Silent and stable: Acoustic pressure 79 dB(A) and handle vibration <2 m/s² (ahw). Greatly reduces noise and physical stress (MSDs: musculoskeletal disorders) Ergonomic and easy to use: Simple and intuitive controls with comfortable coating, less force required for holding the controls Height adjustable handle with three positions, folding Ruggedness
Very rugged reinforced Xenoy casing: lightweight and stronger than synthetic materials such as standard ABS
Wheels with self-cleaning profiles and ball bearings
Brushless electric Briggs and Stratton engine powered by an 82 V/5 Ah lithium-polymer battery
Compact lightweight design

Etesia’s Patrick Vives wins Outstanding Contribution Award

Patrick Vives was awarded the outstanding contribution award at the Service Dealer Awards last week, which was held at the Belfry Hotel in Oxfordshire.

After 40 years of employment, Patrick retired from his position of President of Etesia SAS earlier this year. He has been hugely instrumental in helping Etesia achieve global success and continues as an ambassador and consultant for the company.

“Originally we started by trying to sell the products from France and we spent two years without selling a single mower,” reflects Patrick. “I went to the shareholders even though we hadn’t sold anything and told them I wanted them to spend more money! We needed to establish a presence in the UK and hire UK people. That’s what happened and we built it up slowly from there.

“I took the motorway from Birmingham to Banbury and took every exit along the way to find a suitable place to operate from. Finally, we found a place in Warwickshire and stayed there for 20 years. It served a purpose up until a point but in that time we had significantly grown and we needed to look elsewhere. That was when we found Sugarswell Business Park in Shenington and it was perfect. We have plenty of room to demonstrate and we’ve now had over 2000 people visit us there.”

The Service Dealer annual conference and awards, first presented in 2003, is always an important date in the industry diary. It gives an opportunity to network, share stories, discuss business challenges and most of all share a fun evening with each other.

According to the magazine they received more nominations than ever for the awards across all of the categories.

Etesia UK continues to grow with an expanding list of dealers promoting the Etesia and Pellenc brands across the UK and Ireland.

Etesia unveil two new Attila brushcutter models ahead of 2019

Etesia UK has unveiled two new Attila pedestrian brushcutters ahead of the 2019 season.

With built-in rugged reliability as standard, the new Etesia AK60 and AH75 pedestrian brushcutters have been designed to work in the toughest of conditions. These powerful workhorses effectively deal with clearing vegetation from a wide variety of sites – long grass, weeds, bracken and brambles on woodland paths, orchards, holiday parks and road verges. Ease of operation and manoeuvrability ensure total efficiency and high output.


Heavy-duty brush cutting (up to Ø30 with AH75 and Ø20 with AK60)

Mowing on the most difficult slopes (up to 20°) thanks to the hydraulic transmission with a differential lock

Two idlers that can be locked without a tool for improved stability on slopes in the AH75

Possibility to fit two wider rear wheels as an option

Cutting height adjustment with three positions from the handle

Handle offset control from the operating position with three working positions and one transport position



High manoeuvrability thanks to the hydraulic transmission and three forward speeds and one reverse speed

Differential lock can be engaged without interrupting movement


All operating controls are available from the operating position for convenience and safety

Protection for controls and hands

with the guards incorporated into the handle with a three-position adjustment facility

Central handle that allows easier access to low controls (parking brake, forward transmission bypass, engine starter), with full protection for cables

Parking brake for safe immobilisation

Anti-vibration rubber handles



Machine can be moved into vertical position to gain access to the cutter blade for maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance-free hydrostatic transmission with forced-air cooling, integrated expansion vessel

Flail blades: reversible, protect the blade transmission system, low maintenance costs

Rugged and reliable engines: Engine crank shaft mounted on bearings.


The AK60 model is fitted with a Kawasaki FJ180 OHV engine with a 60cm cutting width, while the AH75 is fitted with a Honda GXV 390 engine with a 75cm cutting width.


A full two-year commercial warranty comes as standard.



Pellenc, the world’s leading expert in battery-powered tools for maintaining landscapes, has completed its range of battery-powered products for professionals with the launch of the Airion 3 blower.

The rewarding result of the company’s innovation and experience in multifunctional, long-life batteries, this remarkably lightweight and perfectly balanced new tool offers ergonomic benefits which are essential to user comfort. The Airion 3 also has the special feature of being both quiet and odourless.

Dynamic balance

Whereas traditional blowers tend to swing downward towards the nozzle, the Airion 3 has an angled air intake, which offsets the swing effect from the air blast. This keeps the tool correctly balanced at any speed setting without putting strain on the wrist. This design also significantly reduces the blower’s noise disturbance for people in the surrounding environment, with the added benefit that the user no longer needs to wear ear defenders.

A robust, multi-purpose blower

The Airion 3 is the ideal tool for cleaning jobs in urban areas, parks or gardens. Its speed controller and boost feature make it possible to manage the blowing power based on the surface to be cleared. Even leaves that are soft, wet or stuck to the ground are no match for the Airion.

Protected against dust and moisture, the blower is also designed to withstand the test of time. Its motor is housed in a magnesium alloy body that guarantees both proper temperature dissipation and total sealing (IP54). The Airion 3 benefits from several improvements over its predecessor: new materials for the air intake elbow and the outlet nozzle, as well as a new cable with high fatigue resistance, which considerably increases the tool’s service life.

Increased productivity

The tool’s battery level display, available with the 1200 and 1500 batteries, makes it possible to manage battery life perfectly. In addition, the Airion 3 is the first tool in the Pellenc range to profit from the Fast Connector system for rapid tool connection / disconnection. This feature allows you to quickly remove the tool while working if there is a risky situation or to use both hands freely without having to remove the back battery.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come with a three-year commercial warranty and are distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Etesia UK.



Pellenc launches the first professional ‘on-board’ battery range

Pellenc, the world’s leading expert in battery-powered tools for maintaining landscapes, has launched the first truly professional ‘on-board’ battery range – The Pellenc Alpha range.

The Pellenc Alpha range sees two new batteries (P260 and P520) which can be directly fitted to the tools or fitted to a new harness.

Comprising the Helion Alpha hedge trimmers and the Excelion Alpha grass strimmer, two tools which use the latest on-board batteries, the 260 and 520, it was designed to bring together ergonomics and efficiency. With all of these features, the range has what it takes to convert the last of the professionals who are hesitant to abandon petrol powered tools.

The Helion Alpha hedge trimmers: handling and power

The Helion Alpha’s cutting quality allows for precision pruning of hedges or other shrubs, particularly on hard, dry wood. Unlike most pole hedge trimmers on the market, its cutter bar combines increased thickness (2.25 mm), tooth opening (33 mm) and strength, a winning trio that makes this tool perfect for all types of cutting, from pruning to finishing.

The quality of its engine is another major advantage. It ensures excellent performance and allows for cuts of up to 33 mm in diameter. In addition to offering 3 different working speeds, it is 100% waterproof and provides complete safety. From an ergonomic standpoint, the hand grip and working visibility were conceived with particular care, with optimised balance and a new cutter bar orientation system.

Its on-board battery makes it a tool that’s always ready to use and very compact for work that lasts up to 6 hours*

The Excelion Alpha grass cutter

Able to cut dense patches as well as soft grasses, the Pellenc Excelion Alpha can be used for mowing or road-side finishing work, in cities and gardens alike.

It synthesises high cutting capacities (6400 rpm, 400 mm with 2.4 mm wire), making it particularly efficient on all surfaces. Its Alphacut cutting head and its excellent rotation speed guarantee high-quality mulching, even on tough grasses. The Excelion Alpha exhibits well-designed ergonomics, high manoeuvrability (even in the thickest copses) and excellent cutting visibility.

With the Alpha 520 on-board battery, which has the highest capacity on the market, it is a compact tool that is always ready to use for work that lasts up to 3.5 hours*.

The Alpha harness

The Pellenc Alpha back harness can be equipped with the new 260 and 520 batteries in order to use them with all tools within the Pellenc range. Pellenc’s engineers designed the carrying ergonomics and ease of use with particular care.

Battery specifications

Battery P260 P520
Weight (without harness) 2.6kgs 3.6kgs
Type Li-ion Li-ion
Voltage – V 43.2 43.2
Capacity – Ah 6 12
Stored Energy – Wh 260 520
Charge time with fast charger (70%) 30 mins 1 hour
Carrying Harness Optional Optional

All Pellenc batteries and tools come with a three-year commercial warranty and are distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Etesia UK.

* Working time stated by landscapers testing the equipment, including breaks and tool stoppages.