Etesia UK Announce First ETMower Dealer

Etesia UK is pleased to announce the appointment of Green Choice Limited, based in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, as their exclusive robotic mower dealer for East Anglia. The company will supply, service and install the complete range of ETMower robotic mowers as well as other Etesia models from the Green Technology™ range.

Green Choice believes there is a ‘technology revolution’ underway in groundscare machinery and this new partnership underlines the company’s eco-friendly philosophy. Using lithium-ion batteries, the ETmower; a range of three robotic mowers which can maintain areas up to 20,000m², is a non-polluting alternative to the typical petrol or diesel powered mower. Robot mowers reduce the cost of grass maintenance considerably, not only in terms of labour and maintenance costs, but also by cutting energy bills and maintenance costs.

“Green is the future – it’s quiet, it’s safe, has low or nil emissions and of course it’s much more cost-effective which is why we first started looking at the range of Etesia robot mowers. If you look at it, the figures do stack up. So from a commercial point of view, if it stacks up for us then it stacks up for everyone else and of course with the environmental benefits and noise benefits – it makes perfect sense,” said John McCallum, Director of Green Choice.

Mulch mowing is 100% natural as it does away with the need to gather up, store and dispose of the grass clippings. It also fertilises the soil, helps the grass stand up to drought conditions and because the ETMower can make for an easier life for many groundscare professionals, John insists that it can enable them to concentrate on other areas of their work.

“It’s just another great tool for any groundsman to use. It’s not to replace them; in fact the robot mower allows them to get on with all the important tasks such as soil analysis and scarification. You can leave more of the hard work, so to speak, to the machine!” he said.

John believes that their market will predominantly be sports grounds, organisations like the National Trust, schools, hospitals, and large domestic properties and although the robot mower is new to Green Choice, the grounds maintenance specialists have built up a good working relationship with Etesia over recent years.

“We have been using Etesia machines for the last two or three years and we’ve had a great service from them. The back-up we receive is really good and we just like their style. We can trust them, we can work with them and so we thought that if we are going to partner with someone in the UK then we want to partner with someone we trust.”

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Etesia Confirms Attendance at ‘Coping with Slopes’

Etesia UK has confirmed its attendance at the ‘Coping with Slopes’ event which is being held on 22nd October. The company say recent reports of operators losing their lives in bank mowing accidents have triggered a high demand for demonstrations of their Attila range of ride-on and pedestrian brushcutters and this event will highlight the benefits of purpose-built machinery.

The event, which is being organised by British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and the National Contractors Forum (NCF), takes place at the Seven Trent Draycote Water site in Warwickshire and will be a health and safety led event investigating the risks and different methods involved in vegetated embankment management.

Severn Trent has granted BALI access to the large reservoir embankments at Draycote Water, one of the largest reservoirs in the Midlands. The picturesque site boasts some considerable grass embankments and will be a testing ground for the range of Attila machines.

Etesia’s UK Operations Director, Les Malin, says, “It is tragic that fatal accidents of this kind can occur in an age when purpose-built bank mowers are so readily available. The big mistake is to use a standard ride-on mower for maintaining steep slopes – they can easily become unstable on gradients, putting the operator at great risk.

“A very large number of commercial users are realising that employing the wrong machine for the job is a costly exercise, especially in cases where charges of corporate manslaughter could be raised against the company in question. This will be a great opportunity for grounds maintenance and landscape contractors to benchmark a range of machinery.”IMG_7055

The tremendous traction and performance of the Etesia Attila 180 and Etesia Attila SKD, fitted with an optional dual wheel kit, are effective brushcutters on uneven terrain and steep slopes of up to 27°. These machines allow you to safely tackle steep slopes and hillside verges with ease.

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