Stock up on new cutting blades for the new season

blades on your Etesia pedestrian and ride-on mowers are sharp is the key to a superior after-cut appearance.

Neal Barker aftersales assistant warns that frequent spring cutting inevitably leads to worn cutting blades; a situation that, if unprepared, can cause serious issues in the midst of grass cutting season.

“Preparation is the key to maintaining a landscape throughout the high-demand periods of spring and summer,” says Neal. “To stay on top of maintenance while mowers are being used more regularly, we always highly recommend users of our pedestrian and ride-on rotary mowers stock up on replacement cutting blades now.”

It is important to visually inspect your blade for signs of wear in order to prevent damage to your machine and ensure operator safety, when signs of wear are identified. The cutting blade must be replaced immediately – making on-hand spares extremely useful. It is also advisable to choose genuine Etesia spare parts.

“Pattern parts including cutting blades are not specifically engineered to meet the exact requirements of Etesia machines, which often lead to twisted or bent blades. Blades that fit incorrectly also require more horsepower to operate, and can damage the grass, create vibration and noise and shorten the spindle bearing life.

Genuine Etesia cutting blades are designed to work harder for longer, reducing the risk of unexpected wear and breakages that other non-genuine parts can suffer. As they will not need replacing as often as pattern parts, mowers will be operational for longer, with less downtime.

Now is the ideal time to stock up before the grass cutting season gets in to full swing.

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Three New Dealers for Etesia UK

Etesia continues to spread its wings to every corner of the UK after announcing another three dealers to its growing network.

Specialists in building high quality grass cutting machinery for both the professional and domestic market, Etesia’s extensive range of products are in high demand. It is for this reason that the company’s vast dealer network continues to grow. From the UK to Ireland, Etesia dealers are providing their customers with innovative solutions to their landscaping requirements.

Midlands Grounds Machinery (MGM), based in Solihull, will be Etesia UK’s recognised dealer for the West Midlands area. Offering professional support, sales and servicing for a wide range of lawnmowers and groundscare equipment, MGM was seen as a perfect fit for Etesia.

As well as selling Etesia’s walk-behind range, ride-on mowers and the popular Attila brush cutters, MGM has also embraced Etesia’s green technology ethos and will be stocking their range of robotic ETmowers.

Managing director, Dave Tullet, has worked within the groundscare industry for over 27 years and is optimistic about working with Etesia.

“We wanted to invest in serious, market leading machinery and Etesia seemed the perfect choice to offer our customers. They want quality machines and Etesia provides them with this. Having been in the industry a long time now, I’m confident that the Etesia range will be a great addition to MGM’s range of machinery and services.

“I’m particularly optimistic about the ETmowers. Not only will they be appealing to the commercial market but Solihull is an affluent area and the robotic mowers will be sought after for those large domestic gardens where they can take out the laborious chore of mowing whilst still providing a superior cut. They are also great for the environment.”

Revill Mowers, recently formed by Russell Revill and his nephew Jason, is the newly appointed Etesia dealer for Gloucestershire. Both Russell and Jason are trained mechanics and the family-run business will also be benefitted by Russell’s previous experience of dealing with Etesia.

“I’ve been dealing with Etesia for the past 20 years now and I used to sell the very first Hydro 100’s, which became the industry trend setter. That has continued over the years with everyone else copying various Etesia models.
“When we first set-up the company I was adamant that I wanted to be able to offer them to our customer base. A lot of our customers have dated machines, 10 or 15 years old now, so I’m hoping to convince them that they should be replaced with Etesia machines! They certainly won’t regret it,” said Russell.

Allans of Gillock will be covering the expansive area of Northern Scotland, offering Etesia machines to customers as far as the Orkney and Shetland Islands. The company, which has built a great reputation since being founded in 1980, believe that becoming an Etesia dealer is a step in the right direction.

“Up until now it is fair to say that we have mainly catered for the domestic market but we are looking to reach more into the commercial side of things. We wanted to have a slightly more upmarket range of machines available and this is where Etesia comes in. They are renowned for their quality and I believe this is the next step to where we are wanting to go,” said general manager Alan Gair.

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3 Machines in 1 – Cut, Scarify and Collect

The Etesia Hydro 124 and Hydro 144 models, which are available with high-tip, ground tip or four-wheel-drive options are living proof you can have three machines in one working all-year round for you.

One minute they can be the best cut and collect ride-on mowers on the market, the next it they be a scarifier for use in sportsturf, parkland and amenity areas.

The scarifier attachment means that your investment goes a long way in dealing with a whole range of tasks – for which you would usually need to buy and store several machines.

The front-mounted scarifier attachment, which can be quickly fitted with no tools, has two fully-floating heads which allows it to follow ground contours. It has a working width of 1.25 metres and has been specifically designed for fast and effective coverage on large areas such as sports grounds and large ornamental lawns.

Debris can be collected in just one pass and working depths are variable. The units can also be lifted for transport between sites or retracted for passing through narrow entrances. Etesia is renowned for being able to cut and collect long or short grass efficiently without blocking, even in wet conditions, which also makes it ideal for long grass applications.

Other attachments are available such as mulching decks, deflectors, blowers, spreader, sweepers and snow blades making these models a 365-days-a-year workhorse for the maintenance of amenity turf, golf courses, parkland and large gardens.

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Etesia Dealer Richmonds Groundcare Opens its New Look Showroom

Established for over 30 years, Richmonds Groundcare has been supplying groundcare, forestry and arboriculture professionals, as well local domestic customers, with top-quality products and machinery from world-renowned manufacturers.

The company is pleased to announce it has opened new showroom & offices in Haslemere, Surrey, & has expanded its workshop facilities.

“We all have a strong focus on customer satisfaction and great service. We are looking to make it a great year for both our customers and the business. The new showroom and workshop is fantastic and will be displaying the latest Etesia and Pellenc range of products as well as the other brands we work with,” commented Adam Greenslade, Richmonds Groundcare’s general manager.

Among the products Richmonds will be handling from these impressive premises are the Etesia range of ride-on and pedestrian mowers, Attila brushcutters and the complete range of Pellenc battery-powered tools.

Etesia UK are very proud of the association with Richmonds as it demonstrates the success and reputation of both companies, their products, their workshop services and level of customer service.

“There have been a lot of changes over the years, but we feel this is the best one yet. We are all looking forward to seeing what the local community and loyal customers think of it, particularly the next-level service we can now offer.”

The new contact details for Richmonds Groundcare are:

Technology House
Church Road
GU27 1NU
T: 01428 658487
F: 0845 838 8847

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

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