Stock up on new cutting blades for the new season

blades on your Etesia pedestrian and ride-on mowers are sharp is the key to a superior after-cut appearance.

Neal Barker aftersales assistant warns that frequent spring cutting inevitably leads to worn cutting blades; a situation that, if unprepared, can cause serious issues in the midst of grass cutting season.

“Preparation is the key to maintaining a landscape throughout the high-demand periods of spring and summer,” says Neal. “To stay on top of maintenance while mowers are being used more regularly, we always highly recommend users of our pedestrian and ride-on rotary mowers stock up on replacement cutting blades now.”

It is important to visually inspect your blade for signs of wear in order to prevent damage to your machine and ensure operator safety, when signs of wear are identified. The cutting blade must be replaced immediately – making on-hand spares extremely useful. It is also advisable to choose genuine Etesia spare parts.

“Pattern parts including cutting blades are not specifically engineered to meet the exact requirements of Etesia machines, which often lead to twisted or bent blades. Blades that fit incorrectly also require more horsepower to operate, and can damage the grass, create vibration and noise and shorten the spindle bearing life.

Genuine Etesia cutting blades are designed to work harder for longer, reducing the risk of unexpected wear and breakages that other non-genuine parts can suffer. As they will not need replacing as often as pattern parts, mowers will be operational for longer, with less downtime.

Now is the ideal time to stock up before the grass cutting season gets in to full swing.

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