Etesia Pedestrian Mowers Stand the Test of Time

A range of Etesia mowers, including two new Duocut RMHB 46cm pedestrian mowers, are helping to maintain the green space areas surrounding and including Durham university – the UK’s third oldest university.

Durham University has a unique estate, which includes 63 listed buildings and also owns and manages the World Heritage Site in partnership with Durham Cathedral.

The University’s ownership of the World Heritage site includes Durham Castle, Palace Green, and the surrounding buildings including the historic Cosin’s library.

Barry Shipman has been working in the garden and grounds team at the university for over 40 years and was recently promoted to garden and grounds supervisor. He now has a team of nine gardeners to assist with the upkeep of the facility which is roughly a third of Durham city and also includes the botanical gardens.

When purchasing new equipment, Barry discusses matters with the horticultural officer to see what machines are suitable and could make the life of their operators easier which include noise, vibrations etc.

Barry and his team like to keep the grass short and presentable at all times, which over the last year has been very testing, but as he explains, has been made easier with the range of ride-on and pedestrian mowers he discovered over 15 years ago.

“We have an excellent relationship with our local machinery dealer, Lloyds, who are very knowledgeable and they recommended Etesia to us when we were looking for a mower which we could use in the wet and capable of being able to cut and collect or cut and drop,” explained Barry.

“I like the fact that we can cut, collect or cut and drop using the same machine because it saves us so much time. We order three new machines per year, which simply replace the oldest ones and so the cycle continues.

“The Etesia mowers have really come into their own in the past 12 months because they have been so good at cutting and collecting in the wet weather we’ve experienced.

We have mobile grass cutting teams and the new Duocut models have been popular with them because they are very light for people to lift on and off van/trailer from site to site.

The new range of Duocut 46cm mowers are extremely versatile, and are capable of mowing with or without collection in all conditions, or allowing high-quality mulching.

And they do all of this with no need for an accessory – you just place the removable insert under the deck if you choose to mulch, making them very operator-friendly. Excellent mulching results are achieved because the grass is very finely ‘crushed’, even if it is long and wet.

“We have over 15 ride-on and walk-behind Etesia machines and return to them time and time again because they certainly stand the test of time,” says Barry.

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Etesia provides quality for landscape contractor

Sherratt Landscape Contractors, a commercial grounds maintenance company based in Flintshire Wales, has recently invested in a fleet of new Etesia pedestrian and ride-on mowers to ensure that the high quality the company is renowned for is maintained.

Craig Stockton, Managing Director at Sherratt, comments: “We had used other brands before but always had problems with reliability. I spoke with Jonathan from Morris’s Stores, our local dealer, and he recommended looking at Etesia. We had a demo and since the change-over to Etesia it’s really worked for us.”

Craig decided to change their fleet of pedestrian mowers to the PRO 46 and PRO 51 and ride-on mowers to the Hydro 80 which have been continuously at work on 80 gardens in North Wales each and every day for the past five years, with nothing but regular servicing ever required.

Designed to meet the rigours of a wide variety of comm have a 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine. Cutting width is 46cm, the detachable grass box with ‘full’ indicator has a capacity of 52 litres, and overall weight is just 37kg.

Designed around the operator, the handlebars are ergonomically shaped and mounted for ease-of-use. New ‘soft-touch’ controls reduce pressure on the hands and fingers during operation.

Extensive testing of these latest models has shown low vibration levels that meet stringent Health and Safety guidelines. There are six models available in the range, with options including a mulching facility.

The compact Hydro 80 ride-on mower is ideal for multi-tasking and easily adapts to every terrain, every grass cutting situation and every task.

The pocket-size cut and collect mower, at just 0.82 m wide and 1.98 m long, features an incredibly tight turning circle and is able to nip into every nook and cranny as well as being able to be easily transported in the back of a van or on the back of a trailer.

“After using Etesia for the past five years, we now know the life cycle of a machine. If we are tendering for a three year maintenance contract, we know that the Etesia mower will last.

“The PRO46 and PRO 51 mowers are bullet proof but also light weight which enables one-man grass cutting teams to operate. Manoeuvrability of the Hydro 80 is fantastic. The fact that they can fit through gates whilst cutting and collecting even in the wet is by far its best feature,” said Craig.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit