‘Mowerthon’ machine to go to auction

Following the successful ‘Mowerthon’ challenge last month, the Etesia H124 ride-on mower that completed the 1250 miles will be sold to the highest bidder via online auction house EBay, with the profits being donated to Perennial, the national horticultural charity.


Phil Voice of the Landscape Juice Network set off from Bergerac in France on the Etesia ride-on mower on 1 October. With an average speed of just 7.5 mph he successfully reached John O’Groats exactly two weeks later.

The Hydro 124D from Etesia is the first mower that combines direct rear-ejection, integrated collection and high-lift emptying, up to a maximum of 1.8 metres without leaving the driver’s seat, all features that make it one of the most highly efficient machines on the market. The machine in question also comes fitted with an all-weather cab complete with heating system, windscreen wipers and lighting system, making the H124 an all-year-round workhorse worth in excess of £36,000.

The auction starts on 7th January 2013 from 09:00, with bids starting at £19,000.  Further details can be found by visiting www.etesia.co.uk or by searching for Etesia ‘Mowerthon’ 124DN ride-on mower on the auction website in January.

Donations for the Mowerthon are still coming in, with the final total expected to raise more than its £10,000 target. Anyone who still wishes to donate can do so at: www.justgiving.com/mowerthon

Barton Grange Landscapes relies on Etesia for quality of cut

Barton Grange Landscapes, one of the largest landscape maintenance companies in the North West, have recently taken delivery of a further two Etesia H124’s from local dealer Balmers Garden Machinery.

The Barton Grange Group of companies dates back to 1945. Fast forward 67 years, the group comprises not only the landscape maintenance business, which was started in 1957, but also a 51-bedroom 4-star luxury hotel, two garden centres as well as three large plant nurseries and currently employs around 700 people.

“We’ve used Etesia machines for the past 12 years,” said Peter Topping, Managing Director. “We chose Etesia after several successful trials because we were looking for a machine with a high-tip facility. The machine we were using at the time didn’t have this and so we looked at the market to see what was available.”

Barton Grange Landscapes has secured grounds maintenance contracts with a wide range of customers in the public and private sectors throughout the North West of England, and maintain sports grounds, play areas, NHS sites, schools, local authority and governments, business parks as well as all types of private and commercial properties with annual contracts ranging in value from £500 to over £150,000.

“As a company, we are determined to provide all of our customers with the best possible service, and the acquisition of these new mowers will play a vital role in us achieving this goal regarding grass cutting.”

Etesia’s Hydro 124D, with a 1.24 metre cutting width, is the first mower that combines direct rear-ejection, inter-grated collection and high-lift emptying (patented). Designed to mow up to 19,000 square metres per hour, the 600 litre grass box has been designed to be filled to capacity every time, whilst it can be emptied out at any height from floor level up to a maximum of 1.8 metres without leaving the driver’s seat, making it one of the most highly efficient commercial mowers on the market.


There is also a Bio version available – the H124B, which uses B30 petrol (30% ester of biomass and 70% diesel) and biodegradable oils and greases. The range of Hydro 124’s all have a front PTO for accessories which include sweeper, snow blade, scarifier, front-mounted cutting unit and blower ensuring that the mower can be instantly turned into a all-year-round work horse.


Derrick Robertson, Barton Grange Landscape’s Yard and Machinery Manager added: “We use Etesia because it’s the best machine on the market for the job we need it for.

“It does a good job, they are reliable and also the machines are user friendly. In particular, our operatives like the hydrostatic and hi-lift features which with only two levers and no confusing buttons is very easy to use.”

Etesia adapt to all weather conditions come rain or shine

Many grounds maintenance tasks are seasonal activities, which often results in costly dedicated equipment lying idle during long periods of the year. With these less frequent jobs, it makes sense where possible to purchase an attachment which can be fitted to an existing piece of equipment.

Etesia offers snow blades, cabs and salt/sand spreader attachments which can be fitted to their range of ride-on mowers. These, plus other accessories, transform the mower into a versatile all-year-round multi-function piece of equipment.

All Etesia accessories are easily fitted to most ride-on models in the range. The front-mounted snow-blade can also be angled left or right and lifted when travelling between sites.

For safety on icy surfaces, wheel chains which ensure grip to avoid skidding and keep the machine moving in falling and settled snow are also available. The easy-to-attach trailed sand/salt spreader is especially useful on icy roads, walkways and other exposed sites.

“Last winter and earlier this year we enjoyed a spate of winter accessory orders during the snow fall”, commented Etesia’s UK General Manager, Les Malin. “We recommend customers order early this year to avoid disappointment, or risk getting snowed in”.