Glendale Adds 100 Etesia Pedestrian Mowers to Fleet

National green services company, Glendale, has recently added 100 Etesia PRO 46 pedestrian mowers to its fleet – reinforcing its reputation of using the best machines on the market for each task.

In 2015 Glendale celebrates a milestone anniversary – it is 25 years since the commencement of its first contract. The 25th anniversary represents remarkable longevity, sustainability and success. Part of this success lies in Glendale’s commitment to using the finest equipment in order to carry out work to the highest standard. It is for this reason that the company has chosen to work with Etesia UK as its preferred partner for pedestrian rotary mowers.

Glendale’s recent purchase of 100 machines consists of 60 PRO 46 PBE’s and 40 PRO46 PBTS’s. Designed to meet the rigours of a wide variety of commercial grass cutting applications, Etesia’s PRO 46 pedestrian rotaries are fast becoming the number one choice for landscapers and contractors who want durable machines without compromising on performance.

The Single bladed Etesia PRO 46 PBE push and PRO 46 PBTS self-propelled models have a 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine. Cutting width is 46cm, the detachable grass box which has an indicator to let the operator know when it is full, has a capacity of 52 litres and the overall weight is just 37kg; making the machine easy to manoeuvre.

To enhance the operator’s ease of use, the handlebars are ergonomically shaped and mounted with new ‘soft-touch’ controls reducing pressure on hands and fingers of operators. Extensive testing of these latest models has shown low vibration levels that meet stringent health and safety guidelines.

Stuart Darbyshire, Commercial Director at Glendale said: “These two models of Etesia mowers have been used by Glendale for a number of years and provide a high quality, durable and good value machine for the task they are required to complete.”

All the way from the Highlands of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall, Glendale operates in England, Scotland and Wales and Etesia’s mowers will be used at operational contracts in all three parts of the UK. The machines will be used daily on the various mowing rounds to both back up larger ride-on machines and to fully cut areas with difficult access, something which Stuart is particularly impressed with.

“The nature of these machines means that they can both collect and drop, giving us the flexibility to do either with just one machine.

“Glendale has had worked with Etesia for over 10 years, and has bought their pedestrian rotary mowers for much of that period with approximately 300 working in the company today.

“The deal with Etesia underlines our commitment to use only the highest quality machinery.”

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Etesia UK Announces West Midlands Pellenc Dealer

New Pellenc Dealer for West Midlands

Etesia UK, the exclusive distributor of Pellenc battery-powered equipment in the UK, has announced Midlands Groundscare Machinery (MGM) as the new Pellenc dealer for the West Midlands area.

MGM, a new independent groundscare company based in Solihull, was formed by the experienced Dave Tullett who has worked within the groundscare industry for over 27 years. A fully qualified BAGMA instructor and assessor and experienced agricultural engineer, Dave is keen to use his knowledge and expertise to provide trustworthy, professional advice and support when sourcing new equipment or providing high quality servicing and maintenance.

New Pellenc DealerIt is safe to say that Dave understands the market extremely well and knows what brands of machinery his customers will want to see at his Depot in Knowle. The addition of the Pellenc range of equipment, including battery powered chainsaws, hedge trimmers and brushcutters, will present MGM’s customers with a lighter, odourless, noise-free and more cost effective alternative to fuel based machinery. Not only will users see improved performance but they will also be contributing to protecting the environment by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and noise pollution.

Dave is further embracing Etesia’s green technology philosophy by also selling Etesia’s battery powered range of products including ride-on mowers, pedestrians, brushcutters and the ground-breaking range of robotic ETmowers. Labelled by some as the future of mowing, Dave is pleased that MGM are already on-board.

“There are definitely more industry professionals choosing to use electric and battery powered products as opposed to fuel based ones. Perhaps there is a realisation that a reliance on fossil fuels is not always going to be possible.
“These battery powered products not only provide the operator with more comfort and less vibration but they are also healthier. Let us not forget about the savings either. Five litres of fuel will cost on average £6.50 per day whilst a Pellenc battery powered product works out at about 85p per day. That’s a significant amount of savings over a long period of time,” he said.

In the last five years, Pellenc has gained market recognition by offering a unique range of ‘zero emission’ battery-powered handheld tools, thanks to the development of Lithium-ion ultra-high performance batteries. The emergence of Pellenc in the UK has been quite phenomenal with over 50 Etesia dealers now stocking Pellenc machinery in various parts of the country.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

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