3 Machines in 1 – Cut, Scarify and Collect

The Etesia Hydro 124 and Hydro 144 models, which are available with high-tip, ground tip or four-wheel-drive options are living proof you can have three machines in one working all-year round for you.

One minute they can be the best cut and collect ride-on mowers on the market, the next it they be a scarifier for use in sportsturf, parkland and amenity areas.

The scarifier attachment means that your investment goes a long way in dealing with a whole range of tasks – for which you would usually need to buy and store several machines.

The front-mounted scarifier attachment, which can be quickly fitted with no tools, has two fully-floating heads which allows it to follow ground contours. It has a working width of 1.25 metres and has been specifically designed for fast and effective coverage on large areas such as sports grounds and large ornamental lawns.

Debris can be collected in just one pass and working depths are variable. The units can also be lifted for transport between sites or retracted for passing through narrow entrances. Etesia is renowned for being able to cut and collect long or short grass efficiently without blocking, even in wet conditions, which also makes it ideal for long grass applications.

Other attachments are available such as mulching decks, deflectors, blowers, spreader, sweepers and snow blades making these models a 365-days-a-year workhorse for the maintenance of amenity turf, golf courses, parkland and large gardens.

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