Safety & standards



Safety and quality at the heart of the Etesia concept


Your safety is not to be comprised!


Etesia ride-on mowers are designed to offer optimum safety to users – the machine stops completely if there is no driver (seat presence contactors), the blades stop in three seconds and are protected from impacts by two shearing bolts etc.


Strict compliance with standards


Safety: Of course, all of our machines meet the applicable safety standards, particularly in the area of blade stopping, as required by the Machinery etesia_safety_side_3directive of January 1997.


Noise: Thanks to the extra powerful suction effect of the cutting chassis, Etesia ride-on mowers do not need conventional turbines and thus generate less noise (88 dbA acoustic pressure level from the driver’s seat according to Directive 86/188/EEC) sparing your own ears and those of others!




Quality and customer service are top priorities for Etesia. That is why Etesia has enjoyed continuous ISO certification since 1994 – ISO 9002 in December 1994, ISO 9001 version 2000 in November 2002 and lastly ISO 9001 version 2008 in November 2009.