Etesia Launch New Hydro 100 Model

Etesia has launched the new Hydro 100 III ride-on mower; which marks the era of a new line for the Etesia ride-on models.

What is immediately striking about the new H100 III is its new look – A front which is more aggressive and more expressive with tight lines and integrated side body panels for a streamline look.

While it capitalises on the strengths of the previous model, the new Etesia Hydro 100 III ride-on mower is innovative, offering commercial users even greater efficiency and operator comfort. The Hydro 100 III is derived from a unique concept to allow mowing and collection in all weather conditions; meaning it is the perfect mower for professional users who demand the ultimate machine for extreme mowing and collection requirements.

It has a new powerful 18HP Kawasaki engine, and a large 500-litre grass box that can be emptied in seconds thanks to its hydraulic tipping – The Hydro 100 III is a model that goes beyond existing standards.

New features include:

  • New engine for more power
  • New steering system for greater comfort
  • New transmission for better productivity
  • A differential lock for better traction
  • A larger fuel tank for longer running time

The new H100 III boasts a modern hydraulic drive transmission with differential lock for improved traction and drivability. Its 18 HP twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine and its larger 14-litre fuel tank give it more power and range. The cutting deck with rear central ejection combined with two counter-rotating blades, while the high-clearance bridge and the large box make it an undisputed standard-setter for mowing and collection.

Thanks to its new look, the Hydro 100 III cutting deck provides the user with a machine capable of providing the perfect mix – 100% effective collection or mulching, giving you the best of both functions. The optional mulching insert can be set up in a few seconds without any tools allowing you to mulch with an unmatched quality.

The hydro 100 III is available with a range of accessories allow it to be active throughout the year undertaking various applications which include mowing with collection, mowing, mulching, spreading, towing and road cleaning. It is a true multi-functional professional user machine.

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