Pellenc Launches Two new Battery Powered Pruning Shears

Pellenc Launches Two new Battery Powered Pruning Shears. Pellenc has launched two new battery-powered pruners – the Prunion and Vinion, which replace the older generation Treelion and Lixion pruning shears. Pellenc is sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

Pellenc Launches Two new Battery Powered Pruning ShearsThe two new models, priced at just £799.00 +vat for the Prunion and £649.00 +vat for the Vinion represents a saving of almost 50% compared to the older generation pruning shears.

With a weight of less than 900 grams, the Prunion pruner offers users unbeatable cutting power and work quality. Its grip fits any hand and its large cutting diameter makes it comfortable to prune with. The numerous innovations of this pruning shear make it indispensable for anyone who does pruning work. The 250 battery offers increased productivity by allowing two Pellenc tools to be connected simultaneously.

Adapted to winemakers seeking lightness, ergonomics, maneuverability and precision, the Vinion pruning shears are a high-tech revolution weighing just 670 grams. Vinion pruning shears have been designed to meet all expectations, working with both the pocket 150 battery, which is light and compact, as well as with a 250 battery that makes it possible to connect two Pellenc tools simultaneously for alternating work.Pellenc Launches Two new Battery Powered Pruning Shears

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three year commercial warranty as standard – the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools.

Customers can now purchase Pellenc tools through Etesia’s approved finance partner. For more details about finance please click here.

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