Cultivion: The innovation you’ve been waiting for


Cultivion, the wheel hoe, offers a wide choice of applications for working the soil and weeding.

With the Cultivion, hoeing, weeding, aerating the soil, planting, fertilising, un-rooting, cutting borders and mixing soil will only ever be a pleasure. Due to its lightweight design, stability and small dimensions, the Cultivion is extremely easy to handle and can be used between solid objects with the greatest of pellenc_wheel_hoe_sideease.

The Cultivion is at ease working on all types of terrain: dry, stony, loose, etc. This tool is extremely rugged with an exceptional weight/power ratio.

The electric wheel hoe improves your working conditions as the tool weighs only 3.1kg, which makes the tool the lightest of its kind. The Cultivion is fitted with an adjustable front handle that you can adjust to suit your site.

Moreover, in continuous mode, you can work without pressing the trigger.

Available as standard with two work tools fitted with a toothed blade (working width of 16 cm or 22 cm), you can change blades easily thanks to the quick tool change system Pellenc Patent.

In addition, there are 9 adjustable angle positions on the tool depending on the type of terrain. By offering different angles of the toothed blade, the Cultivion allows you to work at depth as well as on the surface.

As with all other Pellenc products, the Cultivion benefits from the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation and a record operating range.