Autumn Leaf Clearance Advice

For many people, Autumn is a favourite time, the changing of colours and dropping of leaves indicate a slowing down in the year and a time to enjoy the changing seasons. For others, and in particular gardeners and owners of large properties with many trees, the autumn leaf fall can be something close to a nightmare with constant drain blockages and gutters packed full of sodden mulch.

Patios and garages seem to ‘grow’ leaves and pathways become slippery and treacherous after heavy rainfall. So what is the best way to clear fallen leaves in areas where you don’t want them to pile up?

For many years the humble leaf blower has come to the rescue of gardeners and property owners, saving many hours of backbreaking work stuck behind a lawn rake and wheelbarrow. The latest range of Pellenc battery-powered tools include the Airion 2 leaf blower which makes seasonal leaf clearance and also litter clearance a breeze!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to clear leaves off the lawn is to simply run over them with a pedestrian or ride-on lawn mower. The lawn mower must have good suction power and be a collecting model (with a box or bag). Etesia pedestrian and ride-on models are ideal for the task; their impressive suction performance, ordinarily used to lift grass blades upright for a quick and clean cut, makes them efficient leaf collectors in the autumn. For maximum capacity in the grass collection box, raise the height of the lawn mower blade so that it’s not cutting grass, just collecting the leaves. Wait for a dry day when the leaves aren’t soaked, and don’t walk on the lawn if not absolutely necessary in damp, wet or frosty conditions.

Autumn leaf clearance advice:

Blow leaves into a pile before collecting them up with a leaf vacuum or by hand with a pair of rectangular wooden planks for example.

Extend the reach of your Pellenc leaf blower and clear leaves out of low gutters with blower tube. Ask your official Pellenc dealer about the choice of leaf blower nozzles and accessories available for the Airion battery-powered blower. A round-ended nozzle is ideal for blasting large areas of leaves. The smaller diameter of a flat-ended nozzle ensures a high air speed and is ideal for removing stuck-on debris like damp leaves. A flat nozzle with a curved end allows you to target dirt and debris more accurately.