Cut, collect and stripe with even more Etesia models

Following the successful launch of the rear roller kit for their 41cm pedestrian rotary models last year, Etesia has announced that the kit is now also be available for 46cm models in their range.

Etesia pedestrian mowers have become world renowned for cutting and collecting in all weather conditions – even the wet, but before last year were not available with a rear roller kit for that all important presentation.

With the launch of the rear roller kit for the 46cm cutting width models, which are Etesia’s most popular models, users will be given much more choice in their cutting requirements – cut, collect, stripe and by fitting the mulching insert, mulch – making this particular range of rotary mowers a must in anyone’s armoury.

No tools are required to fit the roller kits to an Etesia machine – just simply hang the free floating roller on two locating pins behind the grass box. The roller has been designed so that it will operate free-floating at any height the machine is mowing at – ensuring perfect striping no matter the weather or height of cut required.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit