Etesia Launch Scarifier Attachment to Fit Three Models

For keeping lawns and turf looking good all-year-round, a scarifier attachment is now available to fit three model sizes in the Etesia ride-on mower range.

Available to fit the 80cm Bahia range, 100cm Hydro 100 range and 124cm Hydro124 range, the scarifying rake is designed to efficiently remove moss and thatch from lawns, pasture land, paddocks and rough areas. The new attachment stimulates better grass growth and a stronger root.

Mounted to the front of your existing Etesia ride-on machine, the scarifier can also be used on horse arenas and all-weather gallops to ‘dress’ the top surface and re-blend the components of a composite surface.

Scarifying is a seasonal activity, so it makes sense not to have expensive, dedicated powered equipment lying idle during certain periods of the year. The Etesia scarifier attachment cost effectively utilises the existing power source of its host ride-on mower to efficiently remove unwanted organic matter and encourage healthy turf.