Pellenc Launch the Lumenion Portable LED Floodlight

Once again, Pellenc is proving that it is technologically ahead of the field with the launch of the Lumenion – a mobile, self-powered LED floodlight, sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia.

Pellenc have developed a global environmental approach for many years, with a desire for commitment to renewable energy. In this area, the Zero Emissions concept is the culmination of their most recent research to promote autonomous energy.

The Lumenion is easily transportable and quickly assembled. The luminosity electronic control box enables the lighting strength to be optimised according to battery life.

Using two push buttons, the luminosity is easily adjusted whilst displaying information on the remaining battery life.

Main features include:

  • Perfectly suited for emergency or operational lighting and for site illumination
  • High power lighting
  • Good stability and high wind resistance
  • Installation without the use of any tools

Launched at the same is a power converter 1000. Pellenc has developed and launched the power converter which transforms battery energy into 230V.

Combined with a Pellenc battery, the power converter 1000 is the solution for storing and using electrical energy.

Thanks to this product, all electrical appliances below 1000W can operate autonomously: domestic appliances, drills, jackhammers etc.

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