Pellenc launches new generation hand-held blower

Five years after the release of the first generation battery-powered hand-held blower Airion 1, Pellenc has launched the Airion 2. The new generation hand-held blower is more powerful, more accurate and more comfortable, based on customer experience feedback.

As with the older version, the Airion 2 can be used near noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals, hotels schools, camp sites, town centres, etc. It is also perfectly suitable as a cleaning tool for roads alongside sweepers at any time of the day and works just as effectively as a replacement for the traditional sweeper in towns as it does in parks and gardens. Weighing just 2.55kgs, the power of the Airion 2 has been enhanced by 30% compared to the first version and is the only battery-powered blower available on the market with a thrust of 17.5 newtons, while its low noise (79 decibels) can reduce the nuisance for the operator and their working environment. It is also waterproof to IP54 standards.

As with all other Pellenc products, the Airion 2 uses the ultra-high capacity technology of the Pellenc lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation with quick start-up and up to one day battery life.

The Pellenc ULB battery range is designed for professional tool use. Pellenc is the only professional tool manufacturer to offer a whole range of tools that operate with ultra-high capacity multi-purpose batteries.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three year commercial warranty as standard – the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools.

Pellenc products are exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Etesia UK.

Customers can now purchase Pellenc tools through Etesia’s finance partner.

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