Pellenc leaves the champions blown away

John Ledwidge, grounds manager for reigning Premier League champions Leicester City FC, believes that his new range of Pellenc battery powered equipment offers his staff a safer, healthier and higher performing alternative to petrol powered products.

From a team that spent the majority of the 2014/15 season close to the bottom of the table and among the favourites for relegation for the 2015/16 season, a combination of hard work and talent saw them transform into Premier League champions. In doing so, Leicester City FC captured the imaginations of football fans around the world with one of the most unlikely sporting triumphs ever seen.

Arguably, the key ingredient in that success was team-spirit and that applied to everyone at the club – from the manager and players through to the employees who do a magnificent job on a daily basis behind the scenes. It is safe to say that Leicester City FC is a tightly-knit family, so when the opportunity arose to provide a healthier and safety working environment for his grounds staff – John wasn’t about to dismiss it.

“As a manager it is imperative that I consider health and safety as well as the comfortable use of machinery for my staff. For example, heavy vibrating tools can bring about White Finger (an industrial injury triggered by continuous use of vibrating hand-held machinery). Then of course if you’ve got a hand held product with the engine at the base – they are quite heavy and cumbersome and they take their toll on your arms. Then there are the petrol fumes to consider.

  “The Pellenc equipment had been recommended to me on a few occasions so I felt that I needed to see them in action. To be honest, I was a little sceptical because I wasn’t sure if you would get enough power out of battery products compared to a petrol engine. However, a full demonstration ensued and every one of us tried every product. We were all blown away and were exceptionally impressed with just how powerful they were. By our own admission I think we were a little ignorant as to just how far advanced battery powered products had become.”

With more than 100 experts including engineers and technicians specialised in research, computer modelling, prototyping, electronics, electrical engineering and mechanics, Pellenc works tirelessly to create the most innovative battery powered products which contribute to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels while increasing your productivity and cost effectiveness.

John went onto purchase a range of Pellenc equipment, including an Airion blower, a Helion hedge cutter, a Selion M12 chainsaw, a Selion polesaw and the Rasion Smart rotary mower – which are all used at the King Power Stadium and its surrounding areas as well as at the club’s training ground.

“We have been over the moon with all of the products but the one we use the most is the Airion blower. Not only do we use it for clearing leaves and debris but we also use it to ‘blow off’ our machinery. Everything that goes into our store has to be clean and dry so that we haven’t got any water sitting on any of the products. For that reason we use the Airion blower on the highest setting, which knocks all the water out of the bearings or joints.

“The engineering behind the Rasion mower is simply fantastic. The way it adjusts itself, the different speed settings, and the way it moves the deck up and down simply knocked our socks off – it was almost like someone landing a spaceship. Outside the stadium we have a nature reserve which is cut down to 70mm and a memorial garden which is cut to 25mm – to be able to press just two buttons to drop the deck according to the height of cut you require is fantastic.”

The products are all powered by Pellenc’s ultra-lithium batteries which feature carrying harnesses to effectively and evenly distribute the weight of the battery. This multi-purpose battery can be used to operate any tool from Pellenc’s electric handheld range and they have been designed to last for up to a full day’s work.

“I’m really impressed with the battery life and how you can get a full day’s work out of one charge. The versatility of simply plugging in a number of products to one battery is also extremely beneficial. Then of course there are the savings – your battery is in effect your fuel costs and electric is considerably cheaper than fuel. I think that just with the mower, we forecasted that we will save around £4,500 over the course of a few years.

“For me, ultimately it’s always about the end product. Is it as powerful as a petrol engine? Yes. Does it do as good a job? Yes. If all that falls into place as well as having the added bonus of being environmentally friendly and being better for my staff to use – then it makes complete sense. I think more and more people are gaining confidence in battery powered equipment and they are right to do so.”

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit where you can also find more information on Pellenc which is sold exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

Etesia UK Dealers Rewarded with Trip to Japan

Three lucky Etesia UK dealers recently jetted off to the Land of the Rising Sun and an once-in-a-lifetime trip, as part of the company’s Attila sales competition.

With a total of twenty places on offer, entry was open to all Etesia outlets across the whole of Europe. In announcing the UK winners at the Etesia UK ‘Partners in Excellence’ awards held last month, Etesia’s operations director, Les Malin said:

“Competition has been fierce throughout the year, so I am delighted that so many dealers from the UK have responded to the challenge and won a chance to visit Japan. Their achievements reflect the increasing success of Attila ride-on and pedestrian brushcutters in this country.”

UK dealers who joined Etesia’s party were:

Bartram Mowers

Ron Smith & Co

RT Machinery

The fabulous itinerary included sight-seeing and experiencing traditional Japanese hospitality and cuisine, as well as making a visit to the Orec and Toyota factories.

Top Marks for Etesia from Solihull School

Karl Brotherhood, head of grounds at the prestigious Solihull School, has claimed that his new Etesia Hydro 124 DN ride-on mower is ‘perfect’ for helping him fulfil a number maintenance tasks.

Solihull School is a coeducational independent school situated near the centre of Solihull, West Midlands. Founded in 1560, it is the oldest school in the town and its outstanding academic results and first-class sporting facilities have made it one of the most respected schools in the UK.

The school is surrounded by a 50 acre site including a floodlit artificial pitch, five rugby pitches, four cricket pitches, and four junior school football pitches, which all play host to the school’s successful sporting teams

After ten years of using a zero-turn mower to keep the grounds intact, Karl felt that the time had come to invest in a new multi-purpose machine. He then proceeded to research a number of suitable replacements and also sought advice from Etesia dealer Midlands Grounds Machinery who recommended the Etesia Hydro 124 DN.

“I’d seen the Etesia machine in a number of trade magazines and it had caught my interest. I had a chat with Dave Tullett from Midlands Grounds Machinery who brought the machine down to the school for a demonstration along with Ian Collington (southern area sales manager for Etesia) and it was obvious that this machine was perfect for what we wanted.

“I looked at another machine from a very well-known brand but I suspected that it would block up quite easily. On the other hand, Ian from Etesia knew everything about the machine and we were really pleased with his knowledge. A big factor in buying a new machine is the back-up you receive from not only the dealer but also the manufacturer and I could tell that we would get a great service if we bought the Etesia machine.”

The Etesia Hydro 124 DN features a 1.24m cutting width with two counter-rotating blades which provide the ultimate mowing experience. A cutting deck with rear ejection guarantees a quality finish with excellent collection even in long and wet grass. This multi-functional machine, which can work to speeds of up to 16km/h, is also extremely versatile – something which Karl is particularly impressed with.

“We use it to cut the cricket outfield and then with the minimal of adjustment; we can use it for the rugby pitches – it’s that easy. We can also pick up leaves, twigs, acorns and other forms of debris – it picks everything up – even in wet conditions.

“In fact, the first thing I noticed was how much better it was compared to the zero turn that we had. With our other machine we had to have perfect conditions for it to do a good job otherwise it just wouldn’t do it.

“I like the fact that the grass box tells you when it’s full and the high lift is a massive help for us too because it saves us double moving everything.”

As a first time user of Etesia machinery, Karl believes that the Hydro 124 DN certainly won’t be the last product he purchases from the company.

“It will be used all year round because it is so versatile. You can tell that this a premium piece of kit and I’ve been genuinely impressed with it. Who knows, in a year or so I may just have another one – that would be nice.” he said.

Etesia Launches Electric Start Pedestrian Mower

Etesia has launched the Duocut 46 RMBE pedestrian mower, which features the new Briggs and Stratton 775iS Series Instart engine.

The Briggs and Stratton 775iS Series™ DOV® InStart® engines represent the ultimate performance package. They naturally incorporate the heritage attributes of power, performance and reliability, but add the most innovative and easiest starting ever seen on a lawnmower. iS series engines use Lithium-lon batteries to provide repeated and reliable starting without the need of a pull-cord capable of 50 engine starts before it needs recharging.

The Etesia Duocut 46 RMBE is a single speed machine with a cutting width of 46cm.

As with all rotary mowers in the Duocut range, it offers low vibrations combined with high performance, quality cut and reliability. Extremely versatile, the new model is capable of mowing with or without collection in all conditions, or for high-quality mulching – without the need for an accessory.

That high performance is possible thanks to the Duocut concept which is the perfect combination between 100% collection and 100% mulching decks, without compromising the results of either of the functions. Changing the mowing system is easy: just place the removable insert under the deck if you want to mulch. Remove the insert if you prefer to mow with or without collection. There is no need for a tool or blade change. The insert completes the shape of the deck to form a smooth surface with no roughness, allowing the grass to move easily for incomparably superior mulching.

The retail price is £1025.00 plus VAT.

Pellenc Launches Intelligent Smart Battery Park Management

Pellenc has announced the launch of an intelligent smart Battery Park Management (BMS) system, which will allow users to charge up to ten batteries simultaneously.

With Pellenc tools having gained popularity over the past six years since they were officially launched at IOG SALTEX Windsor, Etesia UK – the official UK and Ireland distributor, has found that users are now using multiple batteries that require recharging overnight, as Les Malin, operations director explains:

“When operators previously used multiple batteries, it meant having a series of chargers all requiring individual 13amp sockets on a bench taking up valuable space but also using unsafe extension leads or adaptors. The BMS centralises battery management of all Pellenc batteries allowing a maximum of ten chargers, two of which can be rapid chargers, to be housed in one secure and safe metal cabinet with only one mains plug required.”

On the front of the cabinet is a user friendly touch pad that allows the operator to individually control all of the batteries charging input. You can choose from standard pre-programmed or maintenance charges, and enter in to the system, the cost of electricity and cost of petrol. Over the preceding weeks and months, the system will calculate the savings made – both in fuel and electricity, while also showing the amount of Co2 that has been offset which will become even more important in this environmentally-friendly conscious age.

Pellenc is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Etesia UK.

A New Era for Pellenc Battery-Powered Tools

Pellenc has announced the launch of a new battery – the ULB1500, which gives users 50% more stored energy when compared to the existing largest battery on the market, allowing for a full day’s work without having to recharge.

The ULB1500 battery can be used on the complete range of Pellenc tools. From hedgecutters, hand-held blowers to brushcutters and pedestrian mowers, the ULB1500 will complete over 1200 recharging cycles – which effectively equates to five years use or 7000 litres of petrol.

It has a full display on the front of the battery which allows the operator to see power consumed, cost of fuel saved in terms of petrol, the tools that have been used and a battery life indicator.

Designed to go into ‘sleep’ mode after 24 days of inactivity as opposed to three days on earlier models, it is also IP54 water-proof rated, meaning that the worry some users have of working in the rain with a battery-powered product is no longer an issue.

It also has a completely new harness designed around operator comfort which allows the battery to be stood upright when taken off of the operator. Another new feature is that it can be fitted in either direction on to the operator allowing the cable to come out of the top or bottom depending on the type of machine being used.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three year commercial warranty as standard – the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools. Pellenc is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Etesia UK.

Etesia UK Takes on Oeliatec Environmentally-Friendly Weed Control Range

Leading groundscare machinery distributor Etesia UK has taken on the distribution for the Oeliatec environmentally-friendly weed control range in the UK and Ireland. .

The Oeliatec Company, based in Brittany France, has developed machines for environmentally-friendly weed control, without the use of any chemicals. Economic and ecological, Oeliatec offers you innovative weed control solutions.

Thermal weed control or killing weeds with hot water causes the explosion of plant cells and the breakdown of proteins. Hot water weed control requires fewer treatments compared to traditional chemical treatments and cost’s significantly less in comparison to other alternatives.

All Oeliatec weed control machines kill weeds with 100% hot water by delivering an efficient low pressure treatment at temperatures of up to 120°C.

This destroys the cellular structure of the weed to kill off the plant. The intense heat penetrates deep into the root system killing the plant from the leaf down to the root. It is effective with all broad leaf plants and grass along with moss and algae which can also be removed at the same time.

Etesia UK is confident that the Oeliatec products will prove just as popular among UK local authorities as the Etesia and Pellenc brands have been over the past twenty-five years. With five models available, customers will not only be able to control weeds, moss and algae but also remove graffiti and chewing gum from streets, paths and walk ways.

Commenting on the news that Oeliatec will be joining Etesia UK’s product range, Les Malin, operations director says: “Oeliatec is a superb addition to our already extensive offering, complementing our Etesia and Pellenc brands. We are extremely excited and look forward to working with Oeliatec to develop the business together in the coming months and years and further expanding the Etesia UK market place.”

Etesia UK has a comprehensive dealer network throughout the UK and Ireland where the Oeliatec products will be available from. However, specialist cleansing partners will also be recruited.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit the new dedicated Oeliatec website at

Etesia UK celebrates 25th anniversary at ‘Partners in Excellence’ awards

Etesia UK’s 2016 ‘Partners in Excellence’ awards proved to be one to remember, as the company celebrated its 25th anniversary in the UK as well as recognizing the monumental efforts of its widespread dealer network.

Over the past 25 years, Etesia – and more recently Pellenc, have had immense success in establishing themselves as leading brands in the world of green space management.

Advanced technical innovation and a commitment to manufacturing high-performance machines have enabled the company to become a ‘standard-setter’ within the industry.
As the brand’s reputation grew rapidly so too did Etesia’s UK network of dealers and now a multitude of their market leading products cover every inch of the UK. In appreciation and to recognize the dedication of these dealers, the company hosts its ‘Partners in Excellence’ awards every two years.

The 2016 awards saw over 60 dealers make the trip to the Heart of England Conference & Events Centre in Warwickshire, where they were invited to participate in a day of fun-filled activities before receiving a glimpse of a range of new innovative machines which are set to be launched at this year’s SALTEX exhibition.

Later that evening, the guests returned to the Heart of England for the awards, where they enjoyed an exquisite three-course-meal before Etesia President, Patrick Vives took to the stage to thank the dealers for their continued support and reflected upon a hugely successful 25 years.

“25 years ago, Tania Wolf (shareholder) and I came to the UK to investigate the market potential with what was a very limited product range – just one ride-on mower and one pedestrian machine. Over the past 25 years we have seen Etesia UK grow its market share and become a major player in the professional market. It has now become the third largest export market for the parent company – Etesia SAS,” said Patrick.

Special recognition awards were handed to two unique individuals who have been part of Etesia’s journey in the UK from the very start. Robin Taylor used to travel thousands of miles in his Ford Transit van with just the two machines as he successfully began to establish the Etesia dealer network in the South of England. Likewise, Colin Plumb was able to build up a successful network of dealers – particularly in the North of England and Scotland.

Commenting on these special awards, Patrick said: “These two people stand out as having established the roots for which we were able to build upon and make Etesia UK the success it is 25 years later.”

The awards continued and were presented to the top performing dealerships; not solely in terms of sales but also in backup, sales and service support and the marketing of both the Etesia and Pellenc brands.

The complete list of winners were:

  • Overall Partner in Excellence award winner: RT Machinery
  • Pellenc Partner in Excellence award winner: Balmers Garden Machinery
  • Japan sales incentive winners: RT Machinery, Bartram Mowers, Ron Smith and Co
  • Category one Partner in Excellence award winner: Balmers Garden Machinery
  • Category two Partner in Excellence award winner: Cyril Johnston
  • Category three Partner in Excellence award winner: Midland Grounds Machinery
  • Special recognition awards: Robin Taylor and Colin Plumb

To round off a successful event, the dealers enjoyed the rest of the evening with entertainment from Mike McClean – comedian, television presenter and actor.

Etesia UK choose SALTEX as platform to Launch new series of Pellenc products

Etesia UK will be exhibiting at this year’s IOG SALTEX on stand E055 which will be dedicated solely to a range of environmentally friendly, lithium-ion battery powered tools from Pellenc including four new products.

The centrepiece of the stand will be the Cleanion pedestrian battery-powered brush which is suitable for removing debris from natural and artificial grass and other hard surfaces. The Pellenc Cleanion is a revolutionary, self-driven brush which is powered by the ULiB battery seen on the rest of the company’s range of tools. With a large working width and a long operating time of battery charge sufficient for demanding professional use.

It has an adjustable speed and direction, as well as variable speed control for forward and reverse. Brushing pressure is also reflected in the LCD screen. Optional attachments including a snow plough and can be changed conveniently using the quick release coupling and features a foldable handle for easy storage and transport between sites.

Other new Pellenc products on the stand will include the Airion 2 new generation hand-held blower and the Rasion Smart and Rasion Basic pedestrian rotary mowers.

Other products such as the Helion hedgecutter, Selion chainsaws and polesaws and the Prunion and Vinion pruning shears will also be available to view.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three year commercial warranty as standard – the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools.
Etesia UK’s experienced and knowledgeable members of staff will also be on hand to offer valuable advice, along with finance options, and all visitors to the stand will be able to get their hands on the new product brochures.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

For more news, reviews and insightful views, you can follow Etesia UK on Twitter @EtesiaUK and like the company’s Facebook page – You can also view the latest Etesia videos by visiting

Etesia launch brush attachment for safe weed removal at SALTEX 2016

Etesia will be launching a new weeding brush attachment on stand C050 at IOG SALTEX 2016, which is available for Etesia Hydro 124 models, for the safe removal of moss and weeds without the use of chemicals.

If you have weeds, algae or moss on your surface then prevention is preferable and regular sweeping will help to achieve this. The ten-brush MBR 124 gives users an environmentally-friendly alternative to using harmful chemicals.

Ideal for use on block paving and tarmac, the 500mm diameter brushes with a working width of 150mm can be simply adjusted to tackle the most stubborn infestation. The brush attachment is fully adjustable for height and angle to facilitate a wide variety of tasks and surfaces. It may also be used for maintaining surfaces to prevent the growth of moss.

Etesia has always been at the forefront of green innovation. That is why today, to better respond to new legislation on the safe use of chemicals, the company embarked on the development of an ecological accessory.

Areas of use include: Driveways, car parks, paths and walk ways, roads and industrial parks.

The brush attachment is compatible with Etesia’s Hydro 124 DN and Hydro 124 DX machines. This accessory also gives more versatility of the machine by expanding its accessories range. The wire brush is assembled and disassembled easily at the front of the machine, without changes to be made in advance. Other accessories available include a mechanical spreader, sprayer, blower, sweepers, and side brush.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to view a range of pedestrian and ride-on rotary mowers and the Attila range of brushcutters. New product brochures will also be available.