Etesia UK Announces Exclusive 0% VAT Offer

Etesia UK has announced an exclusive 0% VAT offer*. Available on selected ride-on mowers, this offer provides customers with the chance to drive away today with top-of-the-line equipment at an unbeatable value.

Etesia UK’s range of ride-on mowers are designed to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, and ease of use. From the compact yet powerful Hydro 80 to the versatile and agile Bahia, the ride-on mowers are engineered to meet the diverse needs of lawn care professionals.

Highlights of the featured models include:

Bahia: Versatile, agile, and adaptable, the Bahia is designed to tackle any terrain with ease, offering exceptional stability and efficient grass collection.

Hydro 80: A compact powerhouse that effortlessly cuts and collects both long and short grass, offering the efficiency of three walk-behind mowers in one.

MK124: The perfect solution for large areas, with a wide cutting width and hydraulically operated grass box for effortless maintenance.

Customers can choose from 80cm, 100cm and the MK124 models and are available in petrol with diff-lock options.

All of the mowers are equipped to handle even the toughest mowing conditions, ensuring optimal performance come rain or shine.

With a reputation for durability and longevity, Etesia UK’s ride-on mowers are built to withstand the rigours of commercial use.

Act now to take advantage of this limited-time offer. To claim your 0% VAT offer*, simply place your order before July 31, 2024, by contacting Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or email

All machines will be supplied by your local Etesia UK dealer who will carry out the PD, installation and aftersales of your ride on mower.

* Reduction equivalent to 20% VAT applied to original base price on selected models (exclusions apply). VAT applies to reduced price. Prices and specifications are accurate at time of print. Offers may be varied or withdrawn at any time and are not available in conjunction with any other offer. Retail sales only. Available through participating dealers only. Subject to availability on orders placed before 31st July 2024.

Pellenc products certified LONGTIME®

Committed for many years to the durability of its products, Pellenc is pleased to announce that they have obtained LONGTIME® certification for 4 of its professional tools.

The certification includes the Helion 3 electric hedge trimmer, the Airion 3 electric blower and ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries. It is the first manufacturer of professional tools, motors and batteries to benefit from this label.

Sustainability, a Pellenc requirement

One of the most effective strategies to reduce the environmental impact of a product is to extend its lifespan. Pellenc has been mobilising its R&D teams for many years in order to offer equipment that is ever more durable, robust and repairable over time.

The Helion 3, the Airion 3, and the ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries have been awarded the European LONGTIME® label after a strict and impartial control carried out by APAVE Certification.

This demanding process made it possible to assess the compliance of these products with the 41 criteria of the label, which focus on robustness, repairability and the monitoring and maintenance of the tools.

  1. The Helion 3 hedge trimmer has a reliable brushless electric motor, a robust cutterbar, and the materials of which it is composed, insensitive to corrosion, have been selected for their compatibility with intensive use and for their resistance to impacts.
  2. The Airion 3 blower features replaceable and repairable magnesium parts.
  3. The ULIB 1200 & 1500 batteries are composed of very high-capacity lithium-ion cells and offer a lifespan of more than 1,300 charge cycles.

The design of Pellenc products is based on a long service life and ease of repair under professional operating conditions. The end of life is delayed, and the environmental impact is significantly reduced. By voluntarily committing to this sustainability approach, Pellenc goes beyond the regulation of the repairability index and is fully committed to the fight against planned obsolescence and respect for the environment.

LONGTIME,® a tool against planned obsolescence

Created by Ethikis ad civis, LONGTIME® is the first European and independent label that identifies and promotes products that are designed to last. Because extending the lifespan is one of the most effective strategies for reducing the environmental impact of a product, Pellenc mobilises its research and development teams to offer consumers ever more sustainable products.

To claim this label, Pellenc has met all the criteria, thus validating the company’s integrated strategy, focused on quality and sustainability.

Elsa, co-founder of Ethikis, said: “We are proud that manufacturers are using the label to objectively inform consumers about the sustainability of the products they sell to consumers. Committing to the LONGTIME® approach means demonstrating transparency and we are delighted that Pellenc has joined this approach.”

Pellenc is distributed exclusively in the UK by Etesia UK.

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Sharrocks announced as Pellenc dealer

Etesia, the exclusive distributor of Pellenc battery-powered equipment in the UK, has announced Sharrocks as a new Pellenc dealer.

Current Etesia dealer Sharrocks, a family owned business who specialise in the supply of machinery for agriculture, grass care and other land management requirements, will now be distributing Pellenc battery powered equipment to the areas of Birmingham, Shropshire, Staffordshire, South Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Pellenc was the world’s first manufacturer to introduce lithium-ion technology in portable power tools. This innovative technology, which combines an electric motor and a revolutionary battery, has quickly become a viable solution for those seeking the benefits of green technology without comprising on power.

Light, odourless, noise-free, with no starting problems and enough power to enable professional users to work for a full day on a single charge, it’s no wonder more and more professional users are turning to Pellenc. It is an attractive alternative to those who have, for a number of years, been relying on fuel based machinery – and machinery dealerships, such as Sharrocks, have started to see a rising demand for battery powered equipment.

Pellenc has developed the most comprehensive range on the market leading the way in terms of performance, lightness and durability. The extensive product range features an impressive portfolio – from chainsaws, pole saws and hedge cutters to grass strimmers, brushcutters and mowers.

Not only will users be able to comfortably achieve a full day’s work without having to re-charge the battery but they will see a huge amount of savings by eliminating the necessity of purchasing fuel. Furthermore, users will be contributing to protecting the environment by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and noise pollution.

Sharrocks managing director James Sharrock is delighted with the new dealer agreement and believes that Pellenc equipment could well be the future.

“We are taking Pellenc on-board for the first ever time and I’m really excited about it,” he said. “We have been trialling the Pellenc products and have evaluated them over three months and for us it is the future of electric powered commercial equipment. They are astounding products and they complement the Etesia products so well.”

The complete range of Pellenc equipment is now available for both hire and purchase from Sharrocks, who will also take on responsibility for all parts, servicing and warranty for current users.



Pellenc, the world’s leading expert in battery-powered tools for maintaining landscapes, has completed its range of battery-powered products for professionals with the launch of the Airion 3 blower.

The rewarding result of the company’s innovation and experience in multifunctional, long-life batteries, this remarkably lightweight and perfectly balanced new tool offers ergonomic benefits which are essential to user comfort. The Airion 3 also has the special feature of being both quiet and odourless.

Dynamic balance

Whereas traditional blowers tend to swing downward towards the nozzle, the Airion 3 has an angled air intake, which offsets the swing effect from the air blast. This keeps the tool correctly balanced at any speed setting without putting strain on the wrist. This design also significantly reduces the blower’s noise disturbance for people in the surrounding environment, with the added benefit that the user no longer needs to wear ear defenders.

A robust, multi-purpose blower

The Airion 3 is the ideal tool for cleaning jobs in urban areas, parks or gardens. Its speed controller and boost feature make it possible to manage the blowing power based on the surface to be cleared. Even leaves that are soft, wet or stuck to the ground are no match for the Airion.

Protected against dust and moisture, the blower is also designed to withstand the test of time. Its motor is housed in a magnesium alloy body that guarantees both proper temperature dissipation and total sealing (IP54). The Airion 3 benefits from several improvements over its predecessor: new materials for the air intake elbow and the outlet nozzle, as well as a new cable with high fatigue resistance, which considerably increases the tool’s service life.

Increased productivity

The tool’s battery level display, available with the 1200 and 1500 batteries, makes it possible to manage battery life perfectly. In addition, the Airion 3 is the first tool in the Pellenc range to profit from the Fast Connector system for rapid tool connection / disconnection. This feature allows you to quickly remove the tool while working if there is a risky situation or to use both hands freely without having to remove the back battery.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come with a three-year commercial warranty and are distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Etesia UK.



Pellenc launches the first professional ‘on-board’ battery range

Pellenc, the world’s leading expert in battery-powered tools for maintaining landscapes, has launched the first truly professional ‘on-board’ battery range – The Pellenc Alpha range.

The Pellenc Alpha range sees two new batteries (P260 and P520) which can be directly fitted to the tools or fitted to a new harness.

Comprising the Helion Alpha hedge trimmers and the Excelion Alpha grass strimmer, two tools which use the latest on-board batteries, the 260 and 520, it was designed to bring together ergonomics and efficiency. With all of these features, the range has what it takes to convert the last of the professionals who are hesitant to abandon petrol powered tools.

The Helion Alpha hedge trimmers: handling and power

The Helion Alpha’s cutting quality allows for precision pruning of hedges or other shrubs, particularly on hard, dry wood. Unlike most pole hedge trimmers on the market, its cutter bar combines increased thickness (2.25 mm), tooth opening (33 mm) and strength, a winning trio that makes this tool perfect for all types of cutting, from pruning to finishing.

The quality of its engine is another major advantage. It ensures excellent performance and allows for cuts of up to 33 mm in diameter. In addition to offering 3 different working speeds, it is 100% waterproof and provides complete safety. From an ergonomic standpoint, the hand grip and working visibility were conceived with particular care, with optimised balance and a new cutter bar orientation system.

Its on-board battery makes it a tool that’s always ready to use and very compact for work that lasts up to 6 hours*

The Excelion Alpha grass cutter

Able to cut dense patches as well as soft grasses, the Pellenc Excelion Alpha can be used for mowing or road-side finishing work, in cities and gardens alike.

It synthesises high cutting capacities (6400 rpm, 400 mm with 2.4 mm wire), making it particularly efficient on all surfaces. Its Alphacut cutting head and its excellent rotation speed guarantee high-quality mulching, even on tough grasses. The Excelion Alpha exhibits well-designed ergonomics, high manoeuvrability (even in the thickest copses) and excellent cutting visibility.

With the Alpha 520 on-board battery, which has the highest capacity on the market, it is a compact tool that is always ready to use for work that lasts up to 3.5 hours*.

The Alpha harness

The Pellenc Alpha back harness can be equipped with the new 260 and 520 batteries in order to use them with all tools within the Pellenc range. Pellenc’s engineers designed the carrying ergonomics and ease of use with particular care.

Battery specifications

Battery P260 P520
Weight (without harness) 2.6kgs 3.6kgs
Type Li-ion Li-ion
Voltage – V 43.2 43.2
Capacity – Ah 6 12
Stored Energy – Wh 260 520
Charge time with fast charger (70%) 30 mins 1 hour
Carrying Harness Optional Optional

All Pellenc batteries and tools come with a three-year commercial warranty and are distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Etesia UK.

* Working time stated by landscapers testing the equipment, including breaks and tool stoppages.

Pellenc choose SALTEX to launch new range of tools

Pellenc, which is distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Etesia UK, has chosen SALTEX 2018 to launch a new range of battery-powered hand tools on stand E055.

Full details are being kept under wraps until the show opens on 31st October at the NEC Birmingham, but visitors will be excited to hear of three new products to join the portfolio.

A forerunner when it comes to lithium-ion technology and high efficiency ‘brushless’ motors, Pellenc has established itself as the number one choice in the ‘zero emission’ professional power tools market for the maintenance of urban and green-spaces. The combination of these two technologies makes it possible to eliminate direct emission of greenhouse gases and significantly reduce noise and vibration. It meets the users’ requirements for comfort and sustainability while offering excellent cost efficiency.

Other products on the stand will include the Airion 2 new generation hand-held blower and the Rasion Smart and Rasion Basic pedestrian rotary mowers, the Helion hedgecutter, Selion chainsaws and polesaws and the Prunion and Vinion pruning shears will also be available to view.

The company’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will also be on hand to offer valuable advice, along with finance options, and all visitors to the stand will be able to get their hands on the new product brochures.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come complete with a three-year commercial warranty as standard – the first manufacturer to offer this on battery-powered tools. Pellenc is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Etesia UK