New Etesia Website Goes Live!

Etesia UK has just launched a brand-new website, showcasing their vast range of ride-on & pedestrian mowers, brushcutters and the complete range of Pellenc Lithium-ion battery powered equipment.

“Following years of being told that our UK website was in desperate need of updating, we are pleased to announce that our new website has now gone live”, said Les Malin, Etesia UK’s General Manager.

With a whole host of new features, the website has been totally redeveloped with both customers and dealers firmly in mind.

“As our customer base and product range continues to grow and expand, so must our ability to keep everyone up-to-date. We have therefore introduced a number of new sections on our website including the full range of Pellenc equipment”.

Other new features include:

  • Dealer locators for both the Etesia and Pellenc range of equipment.
  • A revised and updated product section, all with accompanying images and videos.
  • A warranty registration section for dealers.
  • A dedicated news section.
  • A resource section for useful downloads and links.

Heritage gardens are now ‘greener’ thanks to battery trimmers

National Trust properties in south Somerset have trimmed energy costs, time and noise as well as hedges this year. The four properties in this area of Trust administration switched to battery power in 2011 for the significant hedge cutting and topiary work that has to be undertaken annually and the results are significant. It is the Trust’s Greener Garden Fund for more ecologically sound outdoor upkeep of its properties that aided the purchase of Pellenc Helion lithium-ion battery-powered trimmers supplied by machinery specialists Bigwood and Partners of Taunton.

Lytes Cary Manor at Charlton Mackrell near Somerton dates back to the 14th century and was the home of medieval herbalist Henry Lyte, notable for his plant directory Lytes Herbal. Restored from dereliction 100 years ago by Sir Walter Jenner, its much-visited garden is a combination of outdoor ‘rooms’, topiary features, statues and herbaceous borders.

Damien Mitchell, the gardener-in-charge there, has two and half miles of hedging all told, predominantly of yew, hornbeam, beech, lime and privet. Work to keep them trim begins in mid-May and finishes in late October, which is peak visiting time and before now, when petrol or electric trimmers were used, this presented Damien with a variety of health and safety issues as well as user and visitor discomfort. Noise levels and trailing wires were the main offenders.

This year for the first time he used a Pellenc Helion hedge cutter with back-pack battery unit which drastically cut noise, user fatigue, and detrimental effect on passing visitors. These plusses alone would tick boxes in the Trust’s Greener Garden checklist, but a further bonus at Lytes Cary Manor is that power for the batteries comes from an on-site solar panel.  Three to four hours of free charging is enough for a day’s operation, so Damien’s cutting work is about as energy efficient as you can get and with zero carbon emission.

Topiary on yew close to the Manor itself and the shaping of 12 Apostles, a feature common to many large estate gardens of the time, also in yew, is a skillful trimming task that has to be conducted twice yearly. These are 100-year old features that demand serious attention and work on them this year has been noticeably more efficient, safer and quieter, reports Damien, who has up to four permanent gardening staff working at the property and about 50 volunteers.

“The new Pellenc trimmer is a lot more user friendly and the environmental advantages are considerable,” he says. “We are a lot more comfortable doing the work when visitors are here because they are not inconvenienced at all.”

Damien’s counterpart at nearby Tintinhull Garden, Tanis Roberts, has just volunteer support for her work at this 17th century manor house. Created last century, the gardens there have over 25,000 visitors each year and feature secluded lawns, pools and colourful borders, plus an attractive kitchen garden, woodland walk and orchard. Focal point is the Eagle Court and adjacent Middle Garden, characterised by striking boxwood domes along a central path.

Every year Tanis has the job of cutting the sixteen 100 year old plus Box domes. Until last year this was done by hand shears, which was laborious and would take about a month to complete. Tanis, who has been in charge of gardening at Tintinhull for nearly 20 years, had previously tried petrol trimmers, but the vapour caused scarring of leaves and the noise was an annoyance to visitors. She had also tried electric trimmers, but says she didn’t get a clean cut because the reciprocal action of the cutters chewed the edges of the leaves badly and caused similar unsightly browning. Hence a return to hand cutting, but with a number of different individuals using hand shears uniformity was hard to achieve, and this is essential with the domes, which are a precious heritage.

The Pellenc battery-powered trimmers she now uses have made it so much easier to achieve a smooth cut line, according to Tanis.

“There is no scorch and the risk of error is far less,” she says. “Switching to this equipment has saved me three weeks work – easily.”

Tintinhull is effectively a ‘subsidiary’ of Montecute House, another of the Trust’s south Somerset properties. Tanis borrows the Pellenc trimmers from there on a weekly basis and has them from Monday to Wednesday. At present she doesn’t have a solar panel facility, but plug-in powering of the battery overnight is sufficient for a day’s trimming.

“The back pack makes using them during visiting hours so much easier”, she adds. “You can easily step aside if need be, and visitors far from being inconvenienced by what you are doing, show a lot of interest in such quiet trimming.”

Tanis has also used the new trimmers on a bay arch in the gardens, also previously cut by hand shears. Bay is very tough to cut and you get a lot of chewed edges. The Pellenc trimmer made lighter work of it and with better results, she reports.  Another job, tedious with hand shears, the trimming of lower box edging around beds in the kitchen garden, has now been completed for the first time using the back-pack trimmers with very pleasing results.

So keen on the Pellenc trimmers is Tanis that she hopes to have her own for the 2012 cutting season at Tintinhull.

Two New Dealers Strengthen Etesia in the North West

Etesia UK have been working hard over the last few months in promoting both the Etesia & Pellenc product range and have seen a significant increase in brand awareness that has been highlighted by the rising number of new dealer appointments.


To strengthen their customer service across the North West regions, Turner Groundscare of Cheshire and Balmers Garden Machinery of Lancashire have both been added to the list.


Appointed to look after Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire is Burnley-based Balmers Garden Machinery. Established in 1979, the business is owned and run by David Balmer and has built a good reputation in the commercial and domestic sector with a customer base of local councils, national contractors serving golf, football and cricket clubs coupled with domestic and smallholding customers. “We’ve been familiar with the Etesia products for many years”, commented David. “We were very impressed with the ride-on direct collection machines and this was a major reason behind us wanting to become an Etesia dealer”.


Responsibility for Cheshire, Greater Manchester, the Wirral and parts of north Wales has been given to the Chester branch of Turner Groundscare, a large supplier of machinery to the grounds maintenance industry and general public. Commenting on the appointment, Brian Spruce said: “We had an Etesia dealership at a previous site and when this area was made available, we jumped at the chance. We recognise that the Etesia products fill a void that we had in our commercial product range and with us being one of the larger dealers in the UK, it means that we have the ability to provide very high levels of service to our customers”.


Les Malin, UK General Manager of Etesia UK said: “We are actively looking to recruit new dealers for Etesia and Pellenc as well as our new product range the ET Mowers, a range of robotic mowers. The appointment of both Turner Groundscare and Balmers Garden Machinery mean that we now have knowledgeable and experienced teams supporting the Etesia brand across the North West with great contacts and strong links to the markets they serve”

Etesia Announce New Sales Appointment

Etesia UK is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Roberts as Northern Area Sales Manager for its range of Etesia and Pellenc Products. Andrew will be responsible for the North of England as well as The Midlands, Scotland and Wales.


Andrew joins Etesia UK with over 30 years experience in the grasscare sector and has an enviable and extensive knowledge of outdoor products and machinery having previously worked at Sisis Equipment (Macclesfield) Ltd.


Favoured by many of the UK’s top councils as well as landscapers and groundsmen, including National Trust gardens, both Etesia and Pellenc has gained a reputation for producing equipment that are highly reliable with low maintenance, making them the number one choice for many users.


Andrew’s responsibilities will include providing product advice, demonstrations and assistance to customers and dealers, as well as attending shows and exhibitions. He will also be responsible in the recruitment of new, approved dealers within his regions.


Les Malin, Etesia UK’s General Manager said: “We are extremely pleased with Andrew’s appointment as his extensive knowledge of the industry, our customer base and product range will enable him to build on our market position and ensure the highest levels of customer service are always achieved”.


Andrew can be contacted on 07792 894256 or

Etesia Choose SALTEX to Launch an Amazing 15 New Products

Etesia have chosen IOG SALTEX 2011 to launch an amazing fifteen new products, proving that the research and development teams in France have been extremely busy, with a heavy emphasis on Bio-friendly and four wheel drive products.


The first of the new products unveiled was a range of machines to be known as the ET Robot Mowers. There are three models available – ETm44, ETm65 and the ETm105.


The ETm44 is the baby model in the range and is dedicated for small areas. This model is perfect for anyone who wants to stop having to mow small and medium-sized areas of grass of up to 5000 m². Nine cutting positions from 22mm-75mm are available with a speed of up to 2km. Two driving wheels with six cutting blades on two decks and weighing only 26kg ensure a quality cut throughout the year.


The ETm65 is perfect for large open areas cared for by local authorities and companies that find mowing a considerable waste of time and money. It works very quietly, so can be used during the day or at night, whatever the weather, on grassed areas covering up to 9000 m². Eight cutting positions from 22mm-65mm are available with a speed of up to 3km. Two driving wheels with nine cutting blades on three decks, weighing only 36kg and capable of working up to 30% camber ensure that local authorities will have peace of mind allowing this machine to go on its business.


The ETm105 offers the top performance in our range with a 105cm cutting width and covers up to 20,000 m². Its capacity enables it to deal with very large areas, such as golf practice ranges, football and rugby stadia, racecourses, etc. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum, beating all energy-saving records. Eleven cutting positions from 22mm-80mm are available with a speed of up to 3.6km. Two driving wheels with fifteen cutting blades on five decks, weighing 51kg prove that this is no toy and capable of working in the most rugged of conditions.


First seen as a prototype model last autumn, is the new electric Bahia, which will be in full production later this year. The Bahia M2E is the world’s first fully electric ride-on cut and collect mower. Featuring all of the benefits of its petrol ‘brother’ which has made the Bahia a users favourite, with the added advantages of no odour, zero emissions, low noise, low vibrations, reduced maintenance costs and reduced health and safety issues for operators. The new model has been developed around the chassis of the petrol-powered Bahia models and effectively has the same compact look with a cutting width of 80cm and grass box capacity of 240 litres. Power comes from 4 acid/lead batteries producing 48V, 115 ah and conveniently located under the operator’s seat which can be re-charged within six hours via a 16amp 200v power socket.


Cutting and collecting is directly comparable to the petrol version with a guaranteed mowing time of 2 hours or 2500m². Both the drive and cutting transmissions are 100% electric. This machine has recently been on trail at both the Church Commission in London and Forest Green Rovers – a Blue Square Premiership League club aiming to be the world’s first entirely green and eco self-sufficient club.


An optional solar panel for re-charging is also available and is on show outside – further enhancing the green credentials of this new machine. This is another machine to join our Bio concept family.


Two new ride-on mowers are next. Both are 4 Wheel Drive with one being a dedicated high performance mulcher with a 144cmm cutting width – the H144MX. The other being the HVHPX – an LPG powered 4 wheel drive version of the 124P which was launched at SALTEX last year. These two new machines mean that it’s two more machines for the Bio concept and also two more with the letter ‘X’ denoting 4 Wheel Drive.


Three new ride-on brushcutters have also been launched. All three models share the distinctive body styling of the highly popular Attila AV98. Starting with the smallest AV88, it has a 16hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, 88cm cutting width and like the rest of the Attila range, hydrostatic drive. The chassis has a strengthened structure welded tubular chassis for a better driving position, and along with an electric start offers operators a high comfort level. An easily adjusted cutting height along with a rack-and-pinion steering system means that Etesia has paid special attention to sound and vibration levels to reduce them to a very low level.


The second is the new shape AV95 which now incorporates front brakes for better control on descents. Power comes from the twin cylinder 18hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine which provides outstanding performance in demanding working conditions and combines reliability for a long life and a 95cm cutting width. The cutting height can easily be adjusted by a centralised lever with five positions from 25mm to 85mm.


Now to the last of the three new models, the AV98X, again 4 wheel drive. This unit has powerful motors in the rear that also power the front wheels. Power is supplied by a 23hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine with a 98cm cutting width. The new model also has a built in slope indicator for safer driving at all times.


So now to the new Pedestrian mowers, starting with the Pro 53 mower (LKX) which offers exceptional handling and drive thanks to the new hydraulic transmission with differential lock. It guarantees very flexible forward movement. Controlled at the handlebar, the differential lock offers greater traction, in addition to a downhill braking effect for enhanced safety.

Following this, Etesia have the ME53C – a dedicated mulcher fitted with a Kholer X7 engine. On test, Etesia say that this engine seems to have a significant improvement over its predecessor.


Lastly on the Etesia front is the Pro 46 PHG2. Etesia have long been recognised as producing machines for the commercial operator, and over the course of six years we have been working with the UK’s largest grass cutting local authority to produce a machine capable of meeting their demanding workload. As a result of this they have now produced a 46cm walk-behind mower with a large capacity 2.5 litre petrol tank designed to allow the operator to complete a full day’s work without the need to re-fuel. A mulching kit is also available.


Now on to the new Pellenc products, which the company says fit perfectly into the Bio concept family. Etesia UK have been the exclusive UK importers of Pellenc products since April last year and now have approaching 40 dealers across the country and are rapidly extending the dealer network as we speak, with new regions being offered to interested parties.


Invention and innovation are passions of Pellenc, which have led the group to much of its success. Throughout their entire range of machines, they try to offer added comfort and greater productivity in environments where work can be exhausting. The end user is the main focus of all of their development procedures, which drives their engineering teams to optimise the design of tools.


Pellenc are now pleased to offer a new solar charging station – the Solerion for use with all of the tools and a new highly powerful multi-function battery – The ULB1100, the next generation battery.


Once the Solerion panels are installed, they use an MPPT load regulator. The MPPT function stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. This function basically scans the photo panel cells and monitors the power drawn from them, and then optimises it with the battery connected. This detection is all done automatically. A maximum of three batteries can be charged at one time, by using three separate convertors. A Poly5 battery can be recharged in normal sunlight levels in under just three hours as opposed to five hours on a standard 2.2a mains charger.


The new ULB1100 battery has been designed to deliver higher power. It is primarily aimed at the most “power-hungry” tools in the Pellenc range. The lithium polymer components heat up less allowing higher uninterrupted power when cutting. The new battery consists of lithium polymer elements, which have a very high power-to-weight ratio. As an example the 1100 weighs the same as the old 800 batteries, but will power a C20 chainsaw for up to 2 days and the Lixion shears for a staggering 10 days!


The Airion vacuum blower was officially launched earlier this year in France and then Demo Park in June. Officially it was launched to the UK market at this year’s show.


The Airion hand held blower is a tool intended for cleaning roads, parks and gardens. Weighing only 2.6 kg and with a noise level of 80 db, it is the lightest and quietest of professional blowers currently available on the market and can be used near sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and residential areas. It is very comfortable to hold owing to the soft touch new generation handgrip and is optimally balanced for natural tilting towards the ground. The Airion has 4 speeds which enable the operator to optimise and adjust the speed of the air expelled according to the working environment and the site to be cleaned – dry leaves, wet leaves, on gravel, etc.


Keeping the speed selector button pressed instantly selects the booster mode, giving a maximum blow of 800m³/hr. This function is especially useful for picking up wet vegetation or heavy waste matter. This mode is also available for all speeds. The progressive trigger enables the airflow to be controlled very precisely. The principal advantage is efficient battery management. On roads, the trigger can prevent the scattering of gravel. The inlet grille has been specially designed to reduce the sound level as much as possible while maintaining exceptional blowing performance.


For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit


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Rovers 1 Carbon Footprint 0

Green is the driving force at ambitious Blue Square club


The boss of Ecotricity, the green electricity company which this summer hit the headlines with the launch of a countrywide network of solar power re-charging points for electric cars, is extending his mission statement and business ethos to the world of football. He is one of the first if not the first businessman to own and run an electric car, so where to next? As the kick-off to the 2011-2012 season approached pitch mowing became part of all this with a new mower from Etesia being launched at this year’s IOG Saltex the focal point.


Dale Vince OBE took over as Chairman of Forest Green Rovers just nine months ago and is step by step transforming the Blue Square Premiership club into an entirely green and eco self-sufficient enterprise. The aim is to make it the first such club in British professional football. Water recycling from all sources – rainwater and the washing-up – is already very much a feature at the delightful Gloucestershire stadium, charmingly called the New Lawn. There is a five-year sustainability plan and the first building blocks are firmly in place. He’s called what’s starting to happen to car powering a revolution. There may well be a similar kick-start in the world of football.


The Club had moved just a few hundred yards from its previous abode on the edge of the country town of Nailsworth back in 2006. Not surprisingly thisforest_green_rovers was called the Lawn. Rovers’ new home is a handsome stadium, certainly for this level of the football pyramid, but as groundsman Stewart Ward points out, the initial pitch did require subsequent improvement, notably a fresh drainage system installed by contractors Pugh-Lewis and which links into a water recycling set-up.


Stewart’s appointment last year was another move in the green direction for the Rovers, since he shares the Chairman’s thinking wholeheartedly. He explains that the philosophy at the club is a simple one – to be more sustainable, greener in its day to day running, and have a more organic approach to how they do things. It is Stewart’s first venture into football groundsmanship. He and Forest Green Rovers seem tailor-made for each other.

“The chairman is passionate about all of this and is very much a father-figure for putting it into action,” he says.


“Obviously this very much affects the way I keep the pitch in shape. What Dale has in mind for the club is very much how I have always felt and I am really enjoying putting it into practice bit by bit. There’s a lot more to do of course.”


Stewart had been a user of Etesia machines in his previous job looking after the grounds at Gloucester’s Hartbury College, best known for its equine, sports and landscape science courses, and had long been a fan of the French manufacturer’s attention to environmental aspects of product development. It has been working on battery and solar-powered ride-on mowers for sometime as a practical eco alternative to traditional fossil fuelled machines for sports and amenity surface cutting.


As part of the fine-tuning process prior to IOG Saltex launch Stewart used one of the company’s new Bahia Electric ride-ons on trial for pre-season cutting. The idea was to provide Etesia’s UK general manager Les Malin with real feedback on its performance. It was the breaking of new ground. Forest Green Rovers was the first football club in this country to use electric mowing for its pitch, and Stewart gave it a good report – not just because of his own eco leanings – but for its cutting and collecting credentials.


“It does the job really well and at a decent speed,” he said. “It’s so much quieter than a petrol machine with much less vibration too, and of course there is absolutely no worry about oil or fuel spillage.”


The New Lawn pitch was renewed at the end of May. Koro removal of the previous surface was followed by the addition of 150 tons of sand and re-seeding with Rigby Taylor’s R14 mix, incidentally the same as used at Stamford Bridge.


The Bahia machine on trial at the New Lawn was plug-in re-chargeable, but it could be that the club will eventually opt for solar powering the four 48v batteries. Full charging takes six hours via a 16amp 200v socket and charger. This, says Stewart, is about twice what you need for cutting and collecting a full size pitch, and the New Lawn is a big one, 100 x 70 yards.


The Bahia’s cutting width is 80cm and with the newly established summer sward Stewart showed off an impressive mown look, invitingly ready for the club’s first home pre-season friendly against Bristol City. He was confident that the New Lawn would be looking immaculate two weeks later for the first home league fixture against Stockport County when Sky Television cameras would be putting the mower’s finish to public gaze.


Stewart sees that all pitch cuttings are recycled, passing them to a local farmer. All clippings are 100 per cent non-toxic at the New Lawn because all pitch treatments are organic-based and he is regularly in touch with the Soil Association for advice on nutrient application. He says the grass box on Etesia’s new electric mower (240 litres) does an efficient collecting job for him. Both driving and cutting transmission are 100% electric, so there’s absolutely no addition to the eco footprint.


For a football club chairman and its groundsman to share an interest is rare enough. For them both to embrace the virtues of a piece of turf kit is a big first in football. All the nasties that combustive equipment put into the atmosphere – hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, the lot – score nil at the New Lawn thanks to the Etesia Bahia and this gets a big cheer from the directors box and the groundsman’s hut. Supporters may for the moment be more interested in how the team is doing, but the green mood is definitely catching down at FGR.


Groundsmen wanting to see Etesia’s new Bahia ride-on electric mower and the optional solar power re-charging source for themselves can do so by visiting stand UO5 and demo plot UO4 at IOG Saltex.


For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit


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Photo Captions:

1. Stewart Ward using the Etesia Bahia on the New Lawn pitch
2. A solar power re-charging source – an extra ‘green’ option
3. Forest Green Rovers will be playing on a really green pitch this season
4. The ground’s water recycling unit shows chairman Dale Vince really means green business at FGR

Another New Dealer Appointment for Etesia

Etesia UK has announced a further new appointment to its dealer network, including both Etesia and Pellenc brands. To strengthen their service in the South East of England, FR Jones and Son have joined the ever expanding list, covering the Kent region.


FR Jones and Son are a family-run business based in South-East London, specializing in horticultural and arboricultural equipment, supplies and service. The company has been trading since 1968, gaining plenty of experience and knowledge of all of their products. Over the course of their 40 years in fr_jonesbusiness, the company is proud to have built up a loyal nation-wide customer base.


To coincide with the new dealer appointment, the company held their successful annual Arb and Forestry event held at the Kingswood Training Services site in Shipbourne, near Tonbridge Kent. This year’s event attracted over 800 visitors to the two day event on 15th and 16th July.


“This new product range that we can now offer is especially important to us,” Commented Justin Jones, Director of FR Jones and Son. “In a year where our customers are looking at every penny they spend, they want combined reliability with ‘green’ credentials and value for money. With the Etesia and Pellenc range, we can offer all of our customers the features which they are looking for.”


Les Malin, General Manager at Etesia UK said, “We are delighted to welcome FR Jones and Son into the Etesia family. They are one of many dealers that we have appointed this year as we grow this important part of the business. We know that local dealers are what our customers in this sector demand and we are happy to satisfy this.”


For further information, or details on how to become an Etesia and/or Pellenc dealer, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

FR Jones and Son can be contacted on 020 8852 9668 or visit


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Photo Caption:

To coincide with the new Etesia UK dealer appointment FR Jones & Sons held their successful annual Arb and Forestry event.

On the Housing Estate Etesia’s Smallest Pedestrian Rotary is a Real Pro

The upkeep of amenity turf within hundreds of housing estates up and down the country is a huge source of business for contractors. Reliability of mowing equipment is essential for this work. A contractor based at Battle in East Sussex, the FGS Group, chose the Etesia Pro 46 to handle the month-by-month cutting routine as part of its work for the Amicus Horizon housing association in the Hastings area.


FGS, which was set up 22 years ago, specialises in landscaping and grounds maintenance in the south east of England. Social housing like that provided by Sittingbourne-based Amicus is vital part of its service. It bought four of the rotary walk-behinds from another Sussex firm, South East Groundcare of Polegate, East Sussex. These are now in their second season of work trimming the amenity grass areas in over 30 estates and FGS has twelve operatives using them.


According to Jenny Waterfield, Contract Manager at FGS, the principal requirement for the grass cutting aspect of the Amicus estates work is that it hasfgs_group to be cut and collect. For so much of this type of amenity grass upkeep ‘cut and fly’ is often all that is wanted, but increasingly housing associations are asking for a neater, cleaner finish for residents’ amenities. Etesia’s pedestrian machine is designed specifically for speedy, efficient cut and collect operation.


“When we talked to Matt Clark at South East Groundcare about which mower would be best suited for this type of work we stressed the importance of ability to cope with cutting on quite steep slopes,” said Allen Welch, Contract Supervisor at FGS. “Much of the amenity area on the estates in Hastings is pretty undulating, so we needed a machine that could handle it. It also needed to be light enough for staff to lift on/off of commercial vehicles.”


“These Pro 46s are certainly light and easy to manoeuvre. We just bag up the cuttings and when each job is finished take for green waste. The grass areas are always left free of unsightly mowing debris, so the contract spec is fully met month after month.”


FGS has had the contract with Amicus – which also includes border maintenance and hedge trimming – for eleven years and when it comes up for tender again next January Jenny Waterfield is confident the contractor will be successful once more, thanks in no small part to the consistency of its mowing.


As well as the cut and collect virtues of the Pro 46, Jenny spoke of their business benefits.

“There is hardly any downtime,” she said. “The mowers are worked really hard over eight months of the year and just routine servicing is all we ever need. They were a sound investment and more than earn their keep.”

The single blade Etesia Pro 46 has a 5hp 160cc Honda petrol engine. Cutting width is 46cm, the detachable grass box with ‘full’ indicator has a capacity of 52 litres, and overall weight is just 37kg. Low vibration and noise levels meet all EU legislation and individual wheel height can be adjusted from 25mm to 88mm. There are six models in the range, with options including mulching facility. For more information or details of your nearest dealer visit or email

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Photo Caption:

The Pro 46 is being used here by contract supervisor Allen Welch on the Thomas Brassey Estate in St Leonards.


Etesia Announce New Product Introduction Promotion

Etesia have long been recognised as producing machines for the commercial operator, and over the course of six years have worked with the UK’s largest grass cutting local authority to produce a machine capable of meeting their demanding workload. Now, Etesia has taken the decision to launch this model as a full production unit, available to the wider audience.


To mark this introduction, Etesia has launched a promotional offer. The offer, open until the end of October 2011 gives customer’s huge savings of over 25% on Etesia’s new Pro46 PHG2 bringing the RRP price of £740 down to £532 + vat.


As a result of demand from local authorities, this 46cm walk-behind mower has a large capacity 2.5 litre petrol tank designed to allow the operator to pro46complete a full day’s work without the need to re-fuel.


In addition to the large capacity fuel tank, there are important Health & Safety benefits – the need for less frequent refuelling which reduces the risk of spillage when working on site and, in turn, operator-exposure to petrol fumes is therefore minimised. The hazards associated with transporting petrol cans can also be eliminated, and, with once-a-day fill-up at the depot, consumption can be cost effectively monitored.


Built to withstand the rigours of commercial use, the Pro 46 PHG2 has a tough Xenoy cutting deck, making it lightweight and easy to transport. As with all rotary mowers in Etesia’s Pro 46 range, it offers low vibrations combined with high performance, quality cut and reliability – features which make many of the UK’s top councils and local authorities as well as landscapers and groundsmen come back year after year with large repeat orders. A mulching kit is also available.


To be the first to take advantage of the new Pro46 PHG2, or for further information on the Promotion and participating dealers, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit


—– Ends —–

Photo Caption:

Etesia UK has launched their 2011 ‘Summer Sizzler’ sales promotion giving gives customer’s huge savings of over 25% on Etesia’s latest specification Pro46 PHG2 rotary mower.

Pellenc Powers Ahead of the Competition

French manufacturer Pellenc has announced, with immediate effect, that all Lixion and Treelion pruning shears will now come with a three year battery and motor guarantee as standard, further powering the products ahead of the competition who remain to give a maximum two year guaranty as standard.news6


The Lixion are ergonomic pruning shears that combine power and speed whilst being the most compact and the lightest currently available on the market.

The primary characteristic of larger Treelion pruning shears is the ability to operate in continuous controlled mode, for precision work, or in pulsed mode for quicker cutting which has been described by many professionals as being years ahead of traditional electric pruning shears.


The fast, powerful Lixion and Treelion shears ensure exceptional cutting quality with the latest-generation interchangeable blades by Pradines, a world leader in professional pruning equipment known for its ‘slicing’ cutting technology.


Both models are the result of six years of research and development work conducted by a full-time, ten-person team at the Pellenc R&D centre in Pertuis, France. Both are light, robust and fantastically efficient having been designed for intensive cutting work, whether it be for vineyard work, arboriculture, the upkeep of parks and gardens or forests. Unlike traditional electric pruning shears, which can run for up to half-a-day or a full day, the shears also offers extended running time of up to three days (Lixion).


Pellenc is the world’s first manufacturer to offer a whole range of professional tools which operate with the use of a high capacity lithium-ion battery, totally removing CO2 emissions and noise pollution.


The full range of Pellenc products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Etesia UK. For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit


Photo Caption:

French manufacturer Pellenc has announced, with immediate effect, that all Lixion and Treelion pruning shears will now come with a three year battery and motor guarantee as standard